CBCGDF Establishes Sustainable Resource Development Project Working Group | Old Clothes Recycling
2019/7/23 14:47:00 本站

Along with the rapid development of the economy, environmental problems may also arise, which may affect people's quality of life and may lead to other social problems. In order to respond to the national call, actively participate in the construction of ecological civilization, taking measures to deal with and solve environmental problems is a top priority for public welfare organizations.


Recycling of old clothes is an important aspect of ecological civilization construction and a carrier of sustainable development. If we can achieve proper recycling, it will have great significance for the construction of ecological civilization. Saving is the biggest environmental protection, and saving is a large-scale reduction of pollution. The cost of producing each piece of clothing means paying the price of the ecological environment. Reducing waste is what we need to do most.


To this end, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has set up a “Sustainable Resource Development Project Working Group” to operate and plan recycling activities such as recycling of waste fabrics and dry garbage throughout the country, and work together with non-profit organizations to establish a public welfare recycling network to promote resource recycling. To recycle and reduce environmental pollution caused by incineration or landfill, to promote the concept of sustainable lifestyle for all and realizing sustainable development of mankind. CBCGDF sincerely welcomes non-profit organizations from all over the country and caring people from all walks of life to cooperate and give full play to the local advantages and characteristics of local charitable partners and work together to promote the sustainable development of society.

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By / Niu Jingmei