Green Meeting Index Evaluation Report: The First Asian “Back to the Nature” Wildlife Conservation Documentary Themed Salon’s GMI is 71
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On June 20, the first Asian “Back to the Nature” Wildlife Conservation Documentary Themed Salon was successfully held in Beijing. In order to promote the green meeting, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) will conduct a "Green Meeting Index" (GMI) evaluation for each participant, aiming at measuring the sustainability of the conference and exhibition through the steps of "observation-analysis-summary-evaluation-feedback", in order to implement the essentials of ecological civilization proposed on the Nineteenth National Congress and the high quality development of China's conferences and exhibitions. Although GMI is still not perfect now, we still hope that this reference index can help organizers and parties to reflect on and improve green practice.


More than 100 people attended the event, with a high degree of internationalization. The UAE Minister of Education, Ambassador to China and a lot of many other distinguished guests. After the observation, we rated its GMI as 71 points, which is better, but there is still much room for improvement.



1. Paperless Meeting. After the meeting, we could not find the printed materials at the venue (usually there were often a large number of printed materials after the end of the various meetings), the only paper we found was the two pieces notes left by Mu Xiaolong on the table.

2. Good Food: Diverse, plant-based, nutritious and healthy.

3. The indoor temperature of the venue is 25.8 Celsius degrees, and the outdoor temperature was 34 degrees. That is to say, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is 8 to 9 degrees.

4. In one corner of the venue, a water dispenser was provided. This kind of operation can be used by students who bring their own water bottle to drink water.


By default, three bottles of spring water were placed on each table for the front row guests. After the meeting, we checked and found that there were about 50 bottles left in the venue after the meeting. Most of them have not been opened; some were opened but did not drink too much; and there were also a few empty bottles that were finished. In a word, some unnecessary water resources are wasted.

According to statistics, for every 1 liter of bottled water produced, at least 17 liters of tap water are required, and the carbon dioxide emissions of the same quality bottled water are 1500 times that of ordinary tap water.



As an event with the concept of wildlife conservation, the concept of environmentally friendly can be reflected on the dining table. It is reflected in the form of words and slogans.


1. Reduce bottled water supply and do not dispense disposable bottled water by default. Available on demand.

2. Integrate the green concept of the meeting into the supply of food. Such as: "there are no rare and endangered wild animals and plants in this food, please rest assured to eat"; "please take as needed, do not waste food", etc.

3. A small label can be placed in front of each dish to indicate (a). the name of the dish; (b). ingredients; (c). food culture factions.

Overall, this was a very good meeting, and we scored 71 points for GMI, which is pretty good. As for the above results, we will send feedback to the organizer for their reference and future improvement.












(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Xue Tongtong