CBCGDF Holds Monthly Meeting of Global Sustainable Design Conference| Three Green Communities Are Set Up
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On May 31, under the topic of urban and rural development and green design education, the monthly meeting of Global Sustainable Design Conference is held in Urban Green Design & Research Center of Beijing University of Technology and moderated by Lin Posing, Director of Preparatory Committee and Founder of D9X Social Innovation.


Yu Wanyong, President of College of Architecture & Urban Planning, delivered an opening speech and introduced the green design planning of Chenheng Village, Tongzhou District, Beijing.


On behalf of the organizer of the monthly meeting and the Global Sustainable Design Conference, Mr. Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, said that we should actively advance the idea of green design around the globe, and promote transformations of production, consumption, and lifestyle. It is an opportunity for the Global Sustainable Design Conference, a promising stage for multiple designers to go global. At the same time, Green Community, deriving from the Global Sustainable Design Conference, serves as a platform to make design philosophy, product, and project achieved. We hope more young designers to join us. Mr. Xiao also made advance notice on the forthcoming forum of AI and Green Development on June 3, co-hosted by CBCGDF and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.


At the meeting, numerous delegates, including Dong Jingbo from UI China, Liu Xing, Xu Fanglei from GEWUER, Liu Jian from Hunan Nature Design, Qi Tianji, Kang Wenjuan from D9E, actively offered their suggestions and communicated on the construction of green community after introducing their own projects.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Xiao Qing, on behalf of the Global Sustainable Design Conference, granted licenses for three new green communities: Urban Green Design & Research Center of Beijing University of Technology, UE Green Community of UI, and China Furniture and Space Institute.


Congratulation to the above three communities. It is hoped that all designers bear the responsibility and mission in mind and shoulder the responsibility of promoting social advances and protecting the earth while creating economic value with the advantage of innovative design. Green development will become mainstream in China.



In order to promote green development in economy and society, CBCGDF initiates the Global Sustainable Design Conference. By cooperating with other organizations to hold the Conference, CBCGDF constructs cross-domain Green Community for maximizing the social benefits and influence on consequent green actions. It aims to give full play to the merits of the green community, thus promoting the green development to be achieved in a sustainable and green way.


With the characteristic of green design, green community is a platform combining green development and social cooperation together and integrated by the Global Sustainable Design Conference. City, village, enterprise, school, street, scenic area, forum…the form is diverse, and all green spots can be listed as a green community. As each green community consciously follows the philosophy of green development, a larger green development collaboration will be formed. The construction and development of the green community require public engagement and joint efforts from multiple fields. What green community values most is active green action?



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