Recycling Old Clothes, CBCGDF and Local Communities in Tianjin Join Hands | Thanks to the Support of the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Tianjin Municipality
2019/6/19 13:20:00 本站

According to the survey, only 18.9% of the residents in the country would sell their old clothes as waste to the recycling station, and nearly 54.6% of the people directly discarded the old clothes as garbage, making them wasted, which caused resources waste and also pollutes the environment.


The contribution to the nature and value of the “recycling of used clothes” project is apparent. The used clothes can be turned into valuable things from waste and it is a recyclable resource.


Recently, some organizations and communities in Tianjin particularly contacted with China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), through further communication and discussion between the two parties, a cooperation agreement has been signed. With the help of the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Tianjin Municipality, in the future, the used / old clothes recycling project will be jointly carried out in Tianjin.


Here, CBCGDF expresses its sincere gratitude to the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Tianjin Municipality for its support and assistance in this matter. This is not only the support for the work of CBCGDF, but also the participation of all of us in the construction of the country's ecological civilization!


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By / Niu Jingmei