CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (18)
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Case 18. Public Funds for Supporting Sustainable Diet


In February 2017, the volunteers of CBCGDF exposed pangolin consumption such as the “Pangolin Princess” incident, which caused great public concern. The CBCGDF Endangered Species Fund issued an initiative to carry out protection actions against pangolins that were endangered by illegal killing, hunting, and trafficking. The volunteers of the CBCGDF quickly traveled to Guangxi and other places to visit the pangolin black-trade chain to carry out rescue work.


Since 1994, pangolins, known as the "Forest Guardians" and "Children of the Earth" have been listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES), becoming the world's most recognized mammals threatened by illegal trade. At the beginning of October 2016, the CITES Conference of State Parties adopted the proposal to "list all eight pangolin species in Appendix I". This means that pangolins across the world are protected at the highest level and international trade of any kind is strongly prohibited.


CBCGDF supports pangolin protection on a long-term basis. Through the establishment of the “Endangered Species Fund” and other projects, CBCGDF has supported its volunteers to venture into the pangolin poaching and trade areas, conduct research, report the results through the media, and report to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, forestry police, and other relevant law enforcement agencies. In this way, they act in accordance with the law to deal with such violations, thereby encouraging the entire society to pay attention to and participate in the protection of pangolins.


In addition, CBCGDF launched the “Swords for Wild Volunteers” project in November 2016 to protect its volunteers working in the wild with practical actions. In March 2019, CBCGDF once again raised funds from the public to support volunteers at the front line of Nigeria during the "African Man" action, where they investigated the source of illegal trade in pangolins and contacted relevant Nigerian departments to strengthen pangolin protection.


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