CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (15)
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Case 15. CBCGDF Green Campus Food-saving Programme


Behind the food waste lies the excessive exploitation of resources including water resources, soil resources, and biodiversity. It has been proved that agriculture is a key driver in the accelerated loss of biodiversity, resulting a stupendous amount of species disappearing-hundred times faster than the natural extinction rate. The condition is grave while we are in an era where mass production is stimulated, excessive consumption is encouraged and extravagant waste is allowed, resulting in the depletion of natural resources.


Therefore, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) initiated a campaign called "We do not waste single rice”, and hosted a grand Children's Painting Competition on the Environment with the theme of "Saving is Conserving" among the youth. The competition aimed to guide children to build up environmental consciousness and to cherish natural resources. Beyond that, CBCGDF hosted the National Environment Knowledge Competition for College Students, designed to diffuse Eco-civilization and the spread environmental concepts. In the meantime, the competition was dedicated to raising environmental awareness among college students across China, so that students would be inspired to protect the environment as well as to make contributions to the establishment of "Eco-campus" and "Green City".


Green Great Committee is an official subsidiary organization of CBCGDF, with its members being all college students. The Green Great Committee offers the national university students the latest conference information about social governance, environmental protection, resources recycling, etc, while providing students with opportunities to attend the meetings representing CBCGDF. Professional training, guidance and Q&A session will also be provided during the whole conference. With its established network of national non-governmental organizations of universities, the Green Great Committee hosts various high-quality and feasible public welfare activities in universities, as well as sponsoring and assisting various projects for organizations at colleges and universities.


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