CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (13)
2019/5/26 13:28:00 本站

Case 13. Climate Friendly Diet


The improvement of modern living standard makes people's choice of food more and more diversified. Whether food is nutritious, healthy, ecological, organic and sustainable which has gradually become the focus of food consumers. This is because the choice of food has a direct impact on climate, human health and animal welfare.


According to the EU Executive Committee, the food and beverage industry consumes 23% of the earth's resources, producing 18% of greenhouse gases and 31% of acid gases. In the process of food production, the pressure of agriculture on the environment is particularly obvious. The unreasonable use of pesticides and fertilizers. Then they will pollute the soil, water and air. The consumption of beef and dairy products also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, which are caused by methane emissions from cattle intestines, and the greenhouse effect of methane is more severe than that of carbon dioxide. According to a report by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union (JRC), meat and dairy products are harmful to the environment on average 24% of all final consumption in the 27 countries of the European Union, while they account for only 6% of the economy. Therefore, eating vegetables instead of meat, or reducing meat intake, will help reduce the carbon footprint of human beings in climate change.


In order to advocate climate-friendly diet, CBCGDF established the Good Food Fund, which is a public fund under the CBCGDF to focus on food and sustainable development. The Good Food Fund is committed to research, information dissemination, policy advocacy, event organization, public education related to the food system, aiming at promoting healthy and sustainable food production, marketing and consumption patterns, thereby improving human health, the natural environment and the survival of animals.


By / Li Xue