CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (12)
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Case 12. The New Year's Menu


Sustainable diet has become a hot topic in the international community. Due to the serious irrationality of the traditional food consumption mode, food waste on the dining table are common. How to implement the concept of Ecological diet, change the habits of human food waste, develop the trend of food with a sense of future, and realize the goal of “zero waste” of food is an urgent problem for human beings to enter the ecological civilization. The CBCGDF has set up a Good Food Fund to promote changes in diet. The Good Food Fund is a public welfare fund under the CBCGDF, which pays attention to food and sustainable development.


The Chinese traditional Spring Festival New Year's Eve dinner reveals the Chinese people's way of eating at the table. Many Chinese families choose unhealthy foods such as oil and fat ingredients. And they adhere to the concept of "seeking more and seeking better", which results in food waste and is not conducive to their health. Thus, on the day of the laba Rice Porridge Festival, the New Year's Menu Conference of 2019 was held in Beijing. The conference sponsored by the Good Food Found, focused on Issuing the New Year's menu, and discussed the current situation and trends of international food with industry leaders, leading the future of sustainable food development. At the same time, the conference also launched the "Global Food Forum - World Famous University Feast 2019" co-sponsored by CBCGDF and Yale University Logistics. With the New Year menu, the Good Food Fund and the top chefs in China have created the Spring Festival dinner with five top universities in the United States, such as Yale, Harvard and Culinary Institute of America, to promote the dialogue and exchange of international sustainable diet. This event is a dining innovation of the traditional New Year's Eve dinner.


The release of the New Year's menu of the CBCGDF has aroused the awareness of the whole society in pursuit of healthy diet and ecological diet. The small changes in traditional New Year's Eve meals have gradually infiltrated into people's daily diet, which will bring great progress in promoting sustainable diet. How to choose good food reasonably according to the principle of low carbon emission in the local season is the most important thing for every family.


Good food is a manifestation of ecological civilization and dietary civilization. The practice of sustainable diet is closely related to the people, the country and the world. The choice of nutritious food ingredients constantly leads consumers to change their existing unreasonable diet and their understanding of the traditional food system. It will run through the concept of sustainable development.


By / Li Xue