CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (10)
2019/5/26 13:02:00 本站

Case 10. Insect Biodiversity


Nowadays, the wide use of air-condition, urban garbage increasing, deforestation…all these accelerate the loss of insect habitats, and pose a negative effect on insect reproduction. Consequently, the stability and diversity of urban ecological environment is disturbed.


The Insect Observation Working Group of CBCGDF was set up in 2017. Dr. Hans Herrren, Right livelihood Awards winner, was invited as the advisor, and representatives from public interest organization and scholars actively join in. CBCGDF hopes to bring researchers, scholars and amateurs together to protect insects through this platform, arouse the public awareness on this issue by holding colorful events, and promote the birth of regulation on insect protection.


Insect functions as key player to maintain the stability of ecological system for its biodiversity richness. It has an important role in pollination, biological control, decomposition, and resource supply. There are about 750,000 species of insects around the world, accounting for 54% of the 1.4 million named species. It’s estimated that the gross number of insect ranges from two to thirty million, accounting for 65% of the total biomass on the earth. The ecological value brought out by insects to America at least equals to 57 billion dollars, according to related evaluation. In China, there are about 70,000 species of insects in record, only 15 of which are listed as the national key protected species.


Professor Cai Wanzhi, Director of Department of Entomology of China Agricultural University has conducted research on Hemiptera near the sixth ring area of Beijing for more than ten years. The findings show that the rapid urbanization in Beijing leads the Hemiptera insect biodiversity loss.


By / Wang Yanqing