CBCGDF Sustainable Diet Manual Cases (6)
2019/5/26 12:40:00 本站

Case 6. Plastic pollution:


In recent years, plastic pollution has brought many hazards to the earth's environment and human health, which has made more and more people realize the importance and urgency of plastic pollution reduction work. Mobilizing the active participation of the whole society is the top priority of plastic pollution reduction work. As millions of plastic bottles and bags can be sold every minute around the world, nearly 8 million tons of plastic waste can be produced annually on average. Because plastic degradation needs to take a long time, it pollutes soil and groundwater. Some plastic packaging itself contains toxic chemicals. The toxic chemicals enter the human body when they eat, which brings great harm to their health. Plastic products are thrown into the sea. There are hundreds of kinds of organisms with plastics. They enter the blood and intestines of animals. As a result, the rare aquatic species in the ocean are facing a survival crisis, and the marine biodiversity is gradually declining. In addition, if plastic waste is not properly disposed of, some of it will generate greenhouse gases after burning, which will also bring great challenges to climate change. The harm of plastic packaging has made more and more social groups involved in the action of plastic pollution reduction.


As an environmental protection public welfare organization, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) actively carries out actions in the field of plastic pollution reduction to enhance the awareness of the whole society: such as initiating plastic pollution reduction work; prosecuting related takeaway enterprises; advocating environmental protection conferences; opposing the use of plastic flowers and plastic book covers; and prosecuting the kindergarten for the "poisonous runway" case. CBCGDF has set an example for all sectors of society in its efforts to reduce plastic pollution. The problem of plastic pollution in China cannot be neglected, and the responsibility of social public welfare organizations still has a long way to go. The CBCGDF hopes that through its efforts, the green lifestyle will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the construction of ecological civilization in China will be feasible.


By / Li Xue