CBCGDF host the special activity "Earth Hour": White Night Carnival of Capital Normal University
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On March 27, from 11:00 to 13:30, the "Earth Hour-White Night Carnival" sponsored and supported by the CBCGDF, a partner of World Wide Fund for Nature's "Earth Hour" in 2019, and the science popularization of biodiversity and eco-environmental protection were carried out in the North’s First District of Capital Normal University. This activity is sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Capital Normal University. It aims to publicize "coexistence with nature" beyond "Earth Hour". It calls for people to pay attention to the concepts and ways of sustainable, energy-saving and environmental protection in their daily study, work and life. It also calls for attention to biodiversity and night ecological environment and to take action to protect our common beautiful earth.


The activity consists of six parts, including observation of sunspots, answering questions for astronomical knowledge, linking the eight planets with their basic characteristics, an exhibition on the theme of "Earth Hour". Participants will be awarded a medal after completing each part. After collecting six medals, they can exchange small gifts. The activities popularize astronomical knowledge for participants from different aspects and promote the concept of "Earth Hour" related to environmental protection. As the introducer of the theme exhibition of "Earth Hour", Ren Xiaodong, the director of Dark and Starry Sky Working Committee of CBCGDF earnestly explained to the participants and helped to promote night environmental protection.


The activity aroused the strong concern and interest of school teachers and students. During this period, more than 200 people participated in this activity, including the enthusiasm of many foreign students from France, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Congo, Croatia, and other countries.


Through advocating the concept of sustainable, energy-saving and environmental protection in addition to "Earth Hour", this activity appeals to college students respond to global climate change, advocate and practice the leading concept of "coexistence with nature" and harmonious coexistence between man and nature, which has played a good role in promoting and publicizing the "Earth Hour". We will continue to carry out many activities. Welcome the attention and support from all walks of life!

(Photo credit: CBCGDF, Astronomical Society of Capital Normal University)

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