CBCGDF’s 2019 Light Pollution and Dark Sky Protection Science Popularization Campus Lecture Kicks off
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On March 12, 2019, Light Pollution and Dark Sky Protection Science Popularization Campus Lecture, co-hosted by Chinese Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Chinese Astronomical Society and China Science Communication was officially launched with the first event being held in Capital Normal University. By giving tour lectures in universities, this activity aims to popularize knowledge related to dark sky protection and promote students' awareness of this career.


Guests and heads of the institution concerned were invited to attend the ceremony and deliver speeches. They are Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, Ren Xiaodong, Director of CBCGDF Dark & Starry Sky Committee, Zhujin, Director and Standing Executive Member of Chinese Astronomical Society Popularization Committee, Liu Xinping, Chief of Sustainable Development office under Department of General Administration of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Guo Xia, Senior Engineer of Beijing Planetarium and Coordinator of International Dark-Sky Association Beijing Branch, and Yin Gang, Deputy Secretary of CPC of College of Resource Environment and Tourism.


CBCGDF works together with Chinese Astronomical Society Popularization Committee and China Science Communication of Xinhua News to hold Light Pollution and Dark Sky Protection science popularization tour lectures in 16 universities, including Beijing Forestry University, Capital Normal University, China University of Geosciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Language and Culture University and Communication University of China from March to May this year.


On the refreshing launching ceremony, eight guests covered eight visual street lamps with standard lampshades on the screen, so as to stress the importance of taking full advantage of the light and reproduce the starry night, a symbol which represents that light pollution will be curbed with the joint efforts made by all walks of society.


Serving as the lecturer of the first event, Liu Hanyuan, volunteer of CBCGDF Dark & Starry Sky Committee and former leader of astronomy society of Capital Normal University, explained several technical terms of light pollution and the great challenges metropolises like Beijing is faced with. He also made an elaborate introduction to students on the danger of light pollution, the negative influence brought by light pollution on the ecosystem, animals and plants and human beings, and how to effectively control light pollution, which helps the audience understand light pollution and dark sky protection.


Look up at the starry sky while being down-to-earth. The former prime minister Wen Jiabao has mentioned, "A promising people concentrate on the sky; a hopeless people care about what under its feet.” Environmental degradation and light pollution deprive people of dark night and the starry sky. To focus on the night environment, control light pollution and protect starry sky resources is the common issue for human beings.


Tour lectures will be held in multiple universities of Beijing and deliver thorough pop-science knowledge and advanced theories to students. We sincerely hope that this activity will constantly attract public attention and encourage people to protect the beautiful starry night in the beautiful country.












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By / Wang Yanqing