Ecological Civilization and Good Food: Why Do We Sign up with the Chefs? | Zhou Jinfeng's Opening Speech on 2019 World Famous School New Year Feast
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Recently, the world's first New Year menu launch conference kicked off. Hosted by the CBCGDF Good Food Fund, this conference will focus on the release of this menu and discuss the trends of international Good Food with industry leaders to lead the trend of Chinese food in the future. At the same time, the conference also launched the "Global Food Leadership Forum - 2019 World Famous School Feast". The speech of Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF at the conference is organized as follows.


On the morning of the Laba Festival, when I was drinking a bowl of eight-treasure porridge at home, I thought, in the primitive civilization era, what does this bowl of such porridge mean? How difficult is it that humans at that time might want to find miscellaneous grains outdoors?


Later, because of the lack of food, human beings entered the era of agricultural civilization, and the products became more and more abundant. In today's era of ecological civilization, we can really have eight crops in a small bowl to make a bowl of eight-treasure porridge.


What is the concept of ecological civilization? In fact, the "Good Food" is an embodiment of the era of ecological civilization.


What is the difference between the four major eras? Human beings have developed on the earth to this day, primitive humans have come down from the trees, agricultural civilization has begun to use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery to help us have better production. The resulting fossil fuels and a series of work have led to climate change. Another example is the industrial production of pesticides, fertilizers and reclamation.


It is very simple to see that human beings have fundamental damage to the entire ecology and habitat. For example, in the era of industrial civilization, water, soil, air, and food all face great environmental pollution. Human beings have reached an extreme situation. Industrial civilization cannot allow human beings to survive in this unique habitat. We must enter the era of ecological civilization and study what is most important in ecological civilization. What is the most serious problem the people, the country and the world are facing?


A colleague of our foundation said why should we sign up with chefs? Is this related to the main work?


We are called the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation. Many people have not yet clearly realized the importance of the changes and choices of human diet civilization. How important is our thinking and culture to the challenges of survival today and to the challenges of the world.


We should change, we should join hands to jointly advocate new civilization, to learn, to advocate, to practice. Thank you for your participation, let us work together to move towards ecological civilization. To begin to change so many of our industrial civilizations are not correct, we must fundamentally change our lives. If we don't wake up, we don't wake up early to cry, go to action, practice, we will face too many problems and challenges.


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