To Promote Extensive Cooperation Between China and the Netherlands in the Field of Circular Economy, CBCGDF Team Held a Conference Call with Its Representative in the Netherlands
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The Netherlands has a land area of 41,500 square kilometers, of which about half is below sea level, and natural resources are relatively scarce; however, the Netherlands continues to break through new technologies to develop the economy. In the field of waste sorting, the waste utilization rate in the Netherlands is as high as 79%, and the utilization rate of construction waste is as high as 93%. Moreover, the Dutch government proposed in the "Circular Economy 2050 Blueprint" to reduce the use of major raw materials by half by 2030 and achieve a 100% circular economy by 2050. According to this, other countries in the field of circular economy have a lot to learn from the Netherlands.


In order to further study the Dutch experience in systems and management, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Circle Economy, Dutch Circular Economy Association and other institutions to help the Netherlands to seize opportunities in China in the fields of environmental protection, ecology and sustainability, and promote friendly exchanges between China and the Netherlands in the field of circular economy, on January 6, 2019, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF and Mr. Xiao Qing, the Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF held a conference call with Ms. Gu Yunfei, the CBCGDF representative in the Netherlands. The two sides conducted in-depth and effective discussions on the objectives of the work, the partners, the ways and details of cooperation. The meeting reached a preliminary intention and plans to engage with the relevant institutions in the field of circular economy in the Netherlands, the Dutch Embassy in China, etc. At the same time, the deployment of the work was carried out.


In response to Ms. Gu’s question “In which way CBCGDF should start working with institutions in the field of circular economy in the Netherlands”, Dr. Zhou’s answer is: First, to hold international and domestic conferences on circular economy, to circulate the Dutch green experience collides with domestic ecological civilization ideas. For instance, CBCGDF organizes a monthly theme event hosted by the Global Green Design Conference, which will deliver the typical case of zero waste and waste collection in the Netherlands. Second, cooperate to organize and publish related books, for example, CBCGDF jointly launch the Chinese version of the international think tank the Club of Rome’s report “Come On!” together with the think tank. Third, to make suggestions and recommendations in the country, to promote the advanced ideas of the Netherlands, for instance, in the proposals of the NPC and the CPPCC each year, to recommend that China to learn about the legislation system in the field of circular economy. Moreover, through the well-known media in China, to promote the relevant achievements, products and experiences of the Dutch circular economy. In addition, CBCGDF will further promoter cooperation in industrial projects as a direction of efforts.


Mr. Xiao Qing added, CBCGDF should strengthen the legislation and management experience of the Dutch circular economy and provide background conditions for the cooperation between China and the Netherlands in related fields and the development of enterprises in related fields in China. In combination with CBCGDF's main task of “serving for the enterprise”, how to promote outstanding Dutch companies to expand their influence in China, promote the development of circular economy, establish friendly cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and contribute to building beautiful China, is also a direction of efforts.


Ms. Gu expressed her willingness to work with colleagues in China to accelerate the exchanges between China and the Netherlands in the field of circular economy and strengthen friendly ties with the Dutch government, Circle Economy, Dutch Circular Economy Association, Dutch Embassy and Consulate in China, to promote CBCGDF to cooperate with relevant institutions in the Netherlands to provide a good platform service for Dutch companies to come to China and help build ecological civilization.


It is worth mentioning that this meeting was strongly supported by CBCGDF's friend Gao Tianhong. CBCGDF is scheduled to participate in one of the global green design conferences held in Shanghai in June with Gao Tianhong, which is really exciting.

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