CBCGDF attended 2018 Report on Implementing SDGs: China’s Progress and Assessment
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On 21st December 2018, CBCGDF representative attended the 2018 Report on Implementing SDGs: China’s Progress and Assessment, held by World Wildlife Fund(WWF) and Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning(CAEP).


The project for building China SDGs indicators was based on UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and Chinese development to achieve the sustainable development goals domestically and to connect China’s experience to advance other developing countries for sustainable growth worldwide.


In the meeting, Lu Jun, Head of CAEP and Lu Sipin, Chief Representative of WWF Beijing Office gave speeches respectively.


Meanwhile, CBCGDF representative discussed issues like how to build indicators for wildlife sustainable trade. She asked why illegal wildlife trade was removed in SDG15 while it is inconsistent with China's indicator system. Related experts replied that the indicator will be included in the system. Illegal wildlife trade will be studied in qualitative research while quantitative research as an auxiliary method.


On December, CBCGDF also submits its review to CBD to call for more attention to anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trade(IWT) for the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework by demonstrating its stories on pangolin trade and so forth.


Dong Zhanfeng, Vice Director of CAEP delivered the Report on Implementing SDGs: China’s Progress and Assessment. He pointed out that at present, the global indicator framework has three levels. First is the widely-provided indicator with established methods. The second is the hard-to-approach indicator with set methods. The third is the indicator with undetermined international approaches.


Based on the existing indicators and China’s implementation, indicators suitable for China were selected. Finally, according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, combined with China's work on sustainable development, the report analyzed the progress of China's SDGs, increase the indicators for comprehensively measuring China's economic and social development, for China's medium and long-term planning, and for the localization of SDGs.










(Photo and video credit: CBCGDF)

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