Hearts to CBCGDF| Climate Change Conference at Beijing Zhongke Qiyuan School to Draw a “Colorful Earth”
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As the Katowice Climate Change Conference goes on, CBCGDF hosted a Climate Change Conference in a primary school- Beijing Zhongke Qiyuan School to empower young Chinese to act on climate change.


In the conference, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF, presented the “Climate Change Youth Ambassador” to the student representative and invited the students to draw the “colorful earth” in their minds.


Knowing the reason behind the initiative “Don’t Put Jackets on Trees”, a student said, “The tress should stay how they are”.


When learning that waste only became waste when we put them in the wrong place, the students discussed how to better operate waste classification while drawing, while a boy expressed his worries that once the rubbish entered into the ocean, it not only became pollution but also deadly “poison” to the animals.


Dr. Zhou said, “There’s no meaningless contribution when it comes to environmental protection. Pupils should start it with small things”.


In a picture drawn by a young female Chinese student, it manifested her wishes: “Saving paper is protecting the forest. The earth needs ‘green’. Forest can adjust the temperature”.


When knowing that biodiversity conservation is the effective measure to maintain the resilience of climate change, and that food choice brought great influence on public health, climate change, animal welfare, and sustainable development, the students all claimed their determination to have more fruits and vegetables, and never waste food.


During the session, the students were also interviewed by China Global Television Network (CGTN). The principal of Beijing Zhongke Qiyuan School expressed her wishes to Dr. Zhou that CBCGDF would host more similar events, encouraged more pupils to join the CBCGDF volunteer team and expressed her interests in establishing CBCGDF Green Youth Base in her school.


CBCGDF hopes that children will bring together their parents and peers to join the action in combating climate change. Through Green Youth, we hope that the young conservationists will be better united to tackle climate change.










(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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