Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF discusses sustainable development, green design and circular economy with Messers Shi Dinghuan and Martin Charter
2018/11/13 0:15:00 本站

In the evening of November 6, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, CBCGDF, met Shi Dinghuan, former counselor of the State Council and representative of World Green Design Organization, WGDO in Beijing.


During the meeting, their discussion focused on the building of water-free ecological toilet and innocent treatment project which was put forth by Xing Lei, Secretary-General of Dragon Design Foundation, European Union testing agencies, circular ocean scheme, global marine fishing crisis, China green design report and world design report. It was unanimously agreed that biodiversity green development and design share some common grounds and can work hand in hand.


The secretary- general, Mr, Zhou also introduced CBCGDF’s cooperation with High Sea Alliance, HSA and Georgetown University with all guests.


The head of China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers professed that much engineering construction merely focuses on economic results. Given that, he suggested that ecological civilization development is necessary to the rebuilding of construction zone. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng also argued that unscientific, irrational re-building should be put to an end and transformed into its upgrading that features combined innovative technology.


Director-General and Secretary-General of Dragon Design Foundation, Zhang Qili and Lei Xing, Director of Sustainable Design Center, University for the Creative Arts, Professor Martin Charter ( Invited to join the China’s high-end overseas professional program, Dr. Martin Charter will serve as a visiting professor and promote the program in Renmin University of China for three years) Professor Zheng Yiqing, environmental counselor and CEO of Sustainable Innovation Lab, Professor Lin Shaofu Beijing University of Technology, Wang Zhiyong, Secretary-General of China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers, Du Liting from the international department of World Green Design Organization, WGDO, etc.



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