Xie Boyang Calls on Project Team of CBCGDF to Elaborate on Different Concepts of Ecological and Environmental protection: Pu’er GEP Accounting Results’ Release on the Way
2018/10/21 20:43:00 本站

In the approaching “Ecological Civilization and A Community of Shared Destiny for Mankind — The First Pu’er International Ecological Civilization & The First Pu’er Green Development Forum on 18th October, Xie Boyang, former Vice President of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, ACFIC and head of CBCGDF will release 2016 Pu’er Gross Ecological Production (GEP) accounting result and deliver a keynote speech.


In order to precisely deliver to all segments of the society the significance and value of GEP to green development, ecological conservation and biodiversity and make sure that the form will go smoothly and in depth, on 16th October, two days before the opening of the forum, President Xie Boyang had a discussion over preparation with all project members of the CBCGDF.


President Xie pointed out that ecology and environmental are different concepts, but what’s the relationship in between? Which covers more areas? He hopes that these questions will be discussed in the forum.


President Xie has attached great importance to GEP and has brought up GEP-centered ecological conservation in many different fora. During the preparation period of the CBCGDF and Pu’er’s GEP Project cooperation, President Xi and Director-general Hu Deping have come to Pu’er to practice an on-the-spot investigation and research and attend the signing ceremony of project cooperation.

In the discussion, President Xie stressed that in terms of GEP accounting, the damage of ecological function in a region will cause a knock on effect in adjacent areas. GEP accounting exists to meet the requirements of environmental protection and meanwhile secure the value of ecological function.


If environment represents 1.0, ecology should be 2.0. Hence we must strengthen the ecological concept that focuses on biodiversity.



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By / LIU Lu