The Acceptance Meeting of the GEP Accounting Project in Pu'er City was Successfully Held. Many Representatives from CBCGDF and Chinese Academy of Sciences Attended
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After one year of hard work, the Pu'er City Gross Ecosystem Production (GEP) accounting project, which was jointly carried out by the CBCGDF, the Pu'er Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Center, entered the acceptance stage. On the morning of September 26, the project acceptance meeting was held. Leaders from the government, related organizations and academic institutions all came together.


The meeting was first introduced by Wu Weijian, Deputy Director of the Pu'er Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Director of the Green Office, to explain the development of the green economy in Pu'er, including the construction of the only green economy experimental demonstration zone in the country. He also said that the next step will continue to vigorously promote relevant work and build an ecological civilization under the guidance of President Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


At the meeting, CBCGDF expert Lv Keqin first thanked the Pu'er Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government for their strong support for the project work, and expressed their gratitude to the seriously working project team colleagues and thanked the review experts for their participation. In combination with the spirit of the 18th and 19th National Congress, Lv Keqin accurately explained the relationship between ecological environmental protection and economic development, and the significance of carrying out GEP accounting. He said that GEP is an important tool for quantifying "green mountains and green waters", and can provide important support and scientific basis for the construction of beautiful China and green Pu'er.


The representative of the GEP project team, Dr. Lu Shanlong, introduced the overall situation of the project to the leaders and experts, as well as a series of work carried out by the CBCGDF around the project. On September 23, 2017, the CBCGDF GEP Accounting Expert Group went to Pu'er to do research, and on September 24, they held the signing ceremony and meeting on the Ecosystem Gross Output Accounting Project.


Dr. Lu also detailed the core content of the Pu'er GEP project, including accounting methods, indicators, parameters, etc., and analyzed the results of the 2010-2013-2016 GEP accounting, and gave conclusions and recommendations: Pu'er economic development and ecological protection are benign trends and economic structure are optimistic. It is hoped that with the results of the accounting as a guide, further cooperation will be carried out to follow-up work to promote green development.


In the expert speech session, Wang Xiaodan said that the Pu'er GEP project is a pioneering test in the country and explores the construction of ecological civilization. The CBCGDF and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecology Center carry out a series of work in the field of ecosystem assessment. The accounting results also truly reflect the characteristics of Pu'er. It is suggested that Pu'er City should fully consider the forest resources and biodiversity value of water resources (e.g. the Lancang River), according to its unique geographical location, climatic conditions and natural resources with excellent endowments, and further scientifically explore both GDP and GEP.


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