Highlights of Earth Hour 2018 in China
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“Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground”. We don’t know, for a citizen living in a cosmopolitan, when did you appreciate stars studded in the entire night sky in you last time? Maybe long long ago. Earth hour, which is the world-wide energy-saving activity held by World Wide Fund for Nature, calls for every people to voluntarily ‘keep lights off for one hour’ in the annual late March, aims at giving support to the environmental protection.

2018 is the tenth anniversary for Earth Hour popular in China. The activities included range from a single notion of lights off, to diverse and numerous kinds of environmentally protecting actions: to turn off unnecessary light, to be a green commuter, to reject disposable plastic products and so on. Maybe we cannot change anything in just one hour. However, what we contribute to this activity is not only an attitude but an advocate: turning off light while lighting up the future. Whether the sky is crystal clear, and blue depends on your choice. Earth Hour gets a positive response from everywhere in China on March 24th, 2018.


Beijing. By Zhao Wei




GuangZhou. By:Zhuo Hong


Hongkong. By Wang DiuDiu


Nanjing. By Luo Chenguang


GuiLin, By: Zhang Bin.


Zibo. By:Wang Junfeng.

After the lights off, the event held by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation's Starry Sky Committee, titled Enjoying my 60+ live, Finding the lost starry sky, combined universities, groups and volunteers from China to jointly begin the observation activities on the night of the sidewalk astronomy. It advocates the social public to reduce the light usage, control light and air pollution and protect the beautiful dark and starry sky, publicizing the concept of living of sustainable development and energy saving and protection.



The astronomical club of the Tuqiang second primary school set 6 binoculars on the Huaxi LIVE square in Wukesong, successfully attracting the attention of pedestrians. Citizens from students and kids just 1 or 2 years old to fashionable couples, even to elder people, couldn’t fail to linger nearby, trying to observe the moon and other celestial bodies by the binoculars, or just listening to the passionate speech carefully, which was delivered by limitlessly energetic students.


The astronomical club of the Shangnan middle school in Shanghai set the sidewalk astronomy activity near the subway entrance of the Pudong Century Square Station.


Green Ribbons Development Center set the starry night concert together with Mobile Class. Children recited poetry and hundreds of people made a 60+ pattern to show their support for environmental protection.


The starry sky roaming and astronomical science club in Guangdong Province set the sidewalk astronomy activity on the Hero Square at Zhongshan Third Road, attracting lots of people to participate.


The Astronomy Club of Chongqing University held the sharing event themed light pollution and starry sky protection.


The teenager astronomy science education association in Yinchuan held the sidewalk astronomy activity on Xixia Wanda street square in the Xixia district.


QQ browser set the online event, using H5 to let Internet users roam in the Universe and light up their unique planet.


As Li Bingbing, the spokesperson of Earth Hour, said in a main event held in Bird Nest (the National Stadium) in Beijing: "What we need to do is not only try to save lots of energy for only this one hour, but try to protect our earth by what we will do in our everyday life."

By/ Jeff Dai, Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF, IDA Beijing

Translateed by/ Sun TaoDun