2018 Earth Hour Special Event Presented by CBCGDF+WWF+Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF
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Earth Hour, launched by World Wide Fund for Nature, has been around 11 years since March 31, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. This event sweeps across the globe, covers more than 180 countries and regions; it gets more than 7,000 cities and hundreds of millions of supporters.

This year’s Earth Hour scheduled for 8.30 p.m. on March 24, and its theme is “Switch on My 60+ Life”. It has more than 10 years of promotion and development globally and has inspired the public’s sense of responsibility of protecting the earth, as well as thoughts on climate change and other environmental issues. The concept of “60+” has become the core of Earth Hour: not only lights out, and not only for one hour, but also from the local communities to the global, to allow environmental actions go beyond 60 minutes, so that sustainable, environmental life style and considerations permeate people’s daily life, work and other aspects.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Earth Hour’s entering China, as the official public interest partner of WWF, CBCGDF and Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF grandly launch the special theme event of Earth Hour : Switch on My 60+ Life, to Find Back the Lost Starry Sky. This initiative actively responds to global climate change trends and promotes the development and change of China’s dark and starry sky protection.

Event Concept:

“60+Life” refers to any green living style that is friendly to the natural environment and beneficial to energy conservation and emission reduction, and that contributes to environmental protection and sustainable social development. “Switch on My 60+ Life, to Find Back the Lost Starry Sky” is committed to advocating the public to reduce the using of light, to control light and air pollution, and to protect the beautiful starry sky, to promote sustainable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly life concepts.

It includes:

1.       To reduce unnecessary light, develop a good habit of switching off the lights, and promote the use of energy-saving lights.

2.      To use lights scientifically and reasonably, follow the principle of using lights timely, located properly and appropriately.

3.      To promote the green travel style, the choice of public transport, cycling, walking, etc., to reduce emissions.

4.      To use clean energy and reduce air pollution.

5.      To encourage the public to take part in outdoors activities, to use their cameras capture images of the starry sky’s beauty; to advocate a healthy lifestyle by immersing in the nature.

Event Programmes:

1.       On March 24th, the Starry Sky Committee, China Starry Sky Photography Alliance and Photo Mall(Mobile Classroom) will call for public photos before and after Earth Hour, and will share these images online, to express public support for energy conservation and environmental protection.

2.      Lectures on light pollution and starry sky protection presented by Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF and China Starry Sky Photography Alliance: improper use of lighting will lead to light pollution, cause energy waste, affect astronomical observations, and produce other issues related with ecological environment, human health and safety, etc.

3.      Roadside Starry Sky Observation at Astronomy Night presented by Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF and China Starry Sky Photography Alliance: through the astronomical observation event, the stars will once again return to people’s sights during Earth Hour.

1)      Various astronomical communities host “Roadside Astronomical Nights” , allowing the public to pick up binoculars to share the beauty of astronomy.

2)     Photo Mall(Mobile Classroom) hosts starry sky observation and photographic activities.

4.      Media Release

Photographs from the activities in the major cities in the country will be collected and published on major media and websites throughout the country, to disseminate concepts of sustainable development through the form of illustrations.

Cooperation Partners: WWF / China Starry Sky Photography Alliance / Photo Mall (Mobile Classroom)

Official Website: http://www.cbcgdf.org/

Event Contact: During the preparations for the event, all local organizations, astronomical organizations and news media are invited to participate in the cooperation.

Contact Information:

Name: Xiaodong Ren

Numbers: 010-68485952/18910282509

Email: V2@cbcgdf.org

Name: Jeff Dai

Email: 346786159@qq.com



by/Niu Jingmei, Shuya