The SG of CBCGDF and Pu’er City’s Party Committee Secretary Held Green Development Cooperation Symposium in Kunming
2018/3/10 16:15:00 本站

On March 5th, on topics about Pu’er city’s green development and the implementation of Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) accounting, the SG of CBCGDF Dr. Jinfeng Zhou, along with CBCGDF’s project development advisor Matti Dubee met with the city’s Party Committee Secretary Wei Xing in Kunming. Luo Yongbin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Du Jianhui, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, and Hu Liangbo, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission attended the meeting.
Dr. Zhou gave a detailed introduction to the progress of the GEP project. He said green and ecology are the best resources and greatest advantages of Pu’er city. In building the GEP accounting system, CBCGDF shares the same ideas with Pu’er, as well as the same thoughts and goals. CBCGDF will take this symposium as an opportunity to continue its’ in-depth work to improve and complete GEP’s accounting parameters, and vigorously gather talents, technology and other resource elements, to further broaden the field, and strive to form a GEP accounting project demonstration in Pu’er, to provide reference of green development experience for other parts of our country.
Wei Xing, Pu’er city’s Secretary of Party Committee also stated that the establishment of the GEP accounting system by CBCGDF is a vivid practice of Pu’er’s implementation of the concept of “Green Mountains and Waters are Wealth”. He also hoped that with the technical support of CBCGDF, it would speed up the progress of the GEP accounting project’s implementation, which truly and accurately reflects the value of Pu’er city’s ecosystem, comprehensively improves the quality, efficiency and level of the construction of Pu’er city’s National Green Economic Experiment Demonstration Area.
Through the meeting, the two sides reached a preliminary agreement about CBCGDF will complete the GEP accounting project commissioned by the Pu’er City on schedule; Pu’er City was invited by CBCGDF for participating the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress 2018 (BARC2018) in Beijing on June 25-27, 2018; Formed a preliminary intention of Pu’er City to participate in the second “World Ecological Governance Forum” organized by the State Forestry Administration and the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) this fall; Both sides planned to establish a “Green Development Research Institution” in Pu’er and formed a preliminary consensus on issues such as to hand over the follow-up tasks to Pu’er City’s “Green Office” on the major working aspects.



by/Niu Jingmei, Harry