CBCGDF Delegation to UNEA5.2 Resumed Meeting
2022/3/2 14:44:00 本站

The resumed session of the Fifth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2) was chaired by His Excellency Espen Bart Eide, Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway, with the theme "Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals". The conference adopted a political declaration under this theme and launched a series of important initiatives, including resolutions, etc., to combat climate change, biodiversity loss by taking action on plastic pollution, green recycling, circular economy and protecting biodiversity and global challenges such as pollution and waste.


At present, more than halfway through the opening meeting, under the careful chairmanship of His Excellency Espen Bart Eide, Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway, more than a dozen senior officials of global environmental governance and heads of international organizations gave wonderful speeches.

Speakers focused on topics such as plastic pollution, North-South dialogue and South-South cooperation, biodiversity conservation, expanding member partners who play a role in construction, exploring global solutions for public benefit and sustainable development, and ecological restoration.

The challenges facing humanity today, including climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and waste management, are sobering.

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