Xilingol League Mines Have Been Sued by CBCGDF and the Procuratorate for Misconduct on Destruction of Steppe Ecosystem
2022/1/10 14:06:00 本站

On December 20th, in Xilingol League the local procuratorate announced that Mines at Baiyinhua County in Xilingol League would be sued for their destruction of grassland ecosystem.

Before this authoritative announcement, CBCGDF had already summitted our public-interest litigation of this illegal conducts on November 2nd, in which we specifically exposed what those mines did, including illegal occupation of farmland and discharging waste into rivers in the nature——this overwhelming current then immersed grassland on both sides of rivers.

The procuratorate expressed its willing to invite any potential social organizations focusing on this issue to give an litigation as assistance. Correspondingly, CBCGDG wishes to attain more understanding from the local authority.


Original Chinese article:  https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/pfRwYW5qcmhQzdVpEqs77A

Translator/ Kim