Zhou Jinfeng: “Mama’s Kitchen” Practices the Idea of Ecological Civilization and is a Pioneer in the Reform of the Food System
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On January 8, 2021, the 2050 Food System Vision Prize’s Global “Top Visionary” Prize Results Announcement in China, and the “Mama’s Kitchen” Future Cooperation Webinar was held successfully.


As one of the world's most prestigious awards in the field of food system transformation, the "2050 Food System Vision Prize", in 2019, solicits solutions to make food systems more nourishing and more resilient. The campaign received more than 1,300 proposals from more than 4,000 organizations around the world.


The public welfare project “Mama’s Kitchen to the Good Food Hub” project of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Good Food Fund stood out and became one of the world’s top ten final projects and the only one from East Asia.


In this context, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF delivered a speech at the beginning of this webinar, and the content is organized as follows for readers.


In 2020, we implemented the idea of ecological civilization, called for and took measures to save food, and have made great achievements and made unparalleled contributions to world peace and sustainable development.


Today, we are here to witness the presentation of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2050 Food System Vision Prize, which is of great significance. Because the "Mama’s Kitchen" (Project) is our practice of ecological civilization and a comprehensive implementation of food conservation.


Food is related to human survival, so it is related to the climate crisis, public life safety crisis, and biodiversity crisis. Food issues are important issues that cannot be ignored. The United Nations will host the first "Food System Summit" in history in 2021 to find and promote solutions for the transformation of food systems around the world. This summit has been supported by major UN agencies including WHO, UN FAO, WFP, UNEP and other UN member states, including China, and is a historic conference. "Mama’s Kitchen" is an action proposed by us for the purpose of contributing to human health, environmental health and human sustainable development.


Finally, on behalf of the CBCGDF, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters of this event. Let us jointly make our contributions to the reform of the food system, the sustainable development of mankind, and the development of a community with a shared future for mankind!




(Photo credit: CBCGDF Good Food Fund)

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