Improve Standard Drafting and Formulation Work | CBCGDF Natural Education Standard Seminar Held in Qingdao
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On December 13, 2020, a special seminar on the formulation of natural education standards was held in Qingdao. With the advancement of the "China natural Education Map Project", more and more volunteers and related organizations from all over the country are participating, and the drafting of related standards for natural education is also in full swing.


The seminar was themed “On the Licensing Standards for Natural Education Bases and the Certification Standards for Natural Education Instructors”. "Natural education is to rebuild the link between man and nature, to use life to move another life, and to use life to influence another life's mission", said Wu Daoyuan, the director of the Natural Education Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). And centered on the promotion of natural education standards, he believed that this work is distributed throughout the country and there is a phenomenon of regional differentiation. If want to promote this work in an orderly manner, the corresponding natural education standards must be followed up in time. So that everyone has a basis for advancing. Including the launch of the "China Natural Education Map" project, the purpose is to build a "soil" for natural education, linking high-quality nature education bases and activities across the country, so that everyone in different places can find their own high-quality natural education activities at any time and efficiently. Therefore, the formulation of natural education standards requires the active participation of experts in various vertical fields and related institutions in the field of natural education that have already taken action.


During the discussion, Mr. Chen Li, the executive director of the Natural Education Academic Committee, said: How to understand the meaning of life is a problem that many people ignore. Natural education is the most convenient way to experience life, and the standards of natural education should also follow this fundamental law of nature. There is a big gap in natural education talents. The training of talents is an important factor in the development and promotion of natural education. It involves the professional talents of each institution and base. Therefore, while drafting the standards for natural education bases, guidance on talent training we are working on the standards at the same time. We hope that more experts and teachers will help us to promote the development of the two standards.


Lv Ruihua, a member of the Natural Education Academic Committee, expressed her own views. She believes that natural education in the final analysis is just two words "return", return to nature, and return to culture. In this fast-paced and noisy social environment, returning to nature and looking for the quietness that does not need to be said may be invaluable to us. We can participate in the drafting and formulation of natural education standards. It’s an honor and hope that I can do my part to contribute to the cause of natural education.


Throughout the afternoon, the guests and friends participating in the meeting actively spoke, discussed, and gave suggestions on different dimensions for the development of natural education base standards and talent standards. At present, the first draft of the base standards and instructor standards for natural education (preschool stage) has been completed. Next, the Natural Education Committee will further develop the base standards and the secondary catalog of talent training standards based on the preliminary plan.

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