CBCGDF Has Released the “Standard for Biodiversity Compensation” (SBC) 1.0 Group Standard
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China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has released the "Standard for Biodiversity Compensation" (T/CGDF 00005-2020) group standard, which is now announced.


The standard shall be implemented 5 working days after the date of promulgation.


June 12, 2020


With the rapid development of China's economy, ecological and environmental problems have become a bottleneck that hinders economic and social development. In recent years, the government has put forward a scientific concept of development, emphasizing people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development. It has attached great importance to ecological construction and has adopted a series of policy measures to strengthen ecological protection and construction, which has effectively promoted the improvement of ecological situation.


However, in the course of practice, there are still structural policy gaps in ecological protection, especially the serious shortage of economic policies related to ecological construction. This situation makes the unfair distribution of ecological benefits and related economic benefits between protectors and beneficiaries, destroyers and victims, resulting in the beneficiaries occupying the ecological benefits for free, and the protectors are not given the economic incentives they deserve; Destroyer fails to bear the responsibility and cost of destroying the ecology, and the victim does not get the economic compensation due. This distortion of the relationship between ecological protection and economic interests not only makes China's ecological protection face great difficulties, but also affects the harmony between regions and stakeholders.


To solve such problems, it is necessary to establish a compensation mechanism to adjust the distribution of ecology and economic benefits among various stakeholders, promote ecology and environmental protection, promote fairness and coordinated development of society.


At present, the requirement to establish an ecological compensation mechanism as soon as possible has become a hot issue widely concerned by all sectors of society. NPC deputies and members of the CPPCC National Committee have repeatedly issued proposals calling for the establishment of relevant mechanisms and policies as soon as possible. At the same time, the academic community has also carried out related research work, especially on the value evaluation of ecosystem services and the comprehensive evaluation of biodiversity, which provides a theoretical basis for the establishment of ecological compensation mechanisms and policy design.


Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCDFF), CBCDFF group standard research and development management center, and the CBCDFF legal work committee refer to the experience of ecological and biodiversity compensation at home and abroad, summarized a Standard for Biodiversity Compensation, welcome the voluntary adoption of relevant institutions.


Link to release the standard:




This standard specifies the content, methods and technical reference of biodiversity compensation.


This standard applies to all projects related to biodiversity compensation; it is applicable to the construction of protected areas (land); it is applicable to the restoration of contaminated or damaged areas and other related work.


This standard follows the basic principles of "who develops, who protects; who destroys, who recovers; who benefits, who compensates; who pollutes, who bears the responsibility", and allows the ecological destroyers and beneficiaries to compensate.


The content of this standard:


1 Scope of Application

2 Normative Reference Documents

3 Terms and Definitions

4 Principles of Biodiversity Compensation

4.1 Principle of zero net loss

4.2 Principle of equivalence

4.3 Principles of fairness, justice and openness and transparency

4.4 Principle of Persistence

4.5 Principles of Nature

4.6 Principles of Public Participation

5. Contents and Methods of Biodiversity Compensation

5.1 Compensation for Exploitation of Natural Resources

5.1.1 Species resources

5.1.2 Compensation for Land Resource Development

5.1.3 Compensation for Water Resources Development

5.1.4 Forest Resources

5.1.5 Grassland Resources

5.1.6 Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources

5.1.7 Compensation for Damage Caused by Transboundary Transfer of Genetically Modified Organisms

5.2 Pollution Compensation

5.2.1 Land Pollution Compensation

5.2.2 Water Pollution Compensation

5.2.4 Forest Environmental Damage

5.3 Compensation for Human-Animal Conflict

5.4 Compensation for Ecological Function Area

5.4.1 Compensation Objects

5.4.2 Standards for Compensation


The group standard means that the group formulates and publishes it in accordance with its own standard-setting procedures, for voluntary adoption by the society. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) welcomes more groups, enterprises, research institutes, etc. to adopt this standard.


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