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Focusing on the exploration and thinking of natural education and the construction of the domestic ecological community, tens of thousands of audiences directly participated in this thought feast through the internet for three days in a row. On May 25th, Wu Daoyuan, the head of the newly established CBCGDF’s Ecological Community Development Fund, and his delegation visited the CBCGDF office to make a comprehensive “review” of the “China Online Summit on Natural Education and the 2nd China Summit on Science Popularization Education Development" just concluded last weekend. The meeting also decided to commend the outstanding volunteers, excellent natural education bases, and excellent ecological community bases emerging during the summit forum.


On May 20th, by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, Natural Education Center, World Eco-community Alliance (WEA), directed by Chinese Society of Forestry, International Design Center for Architectural and Ecological, China Association For Life Care, and house.ifeng.com together held "Listen to the Voice of Nature with Love - China Nature Education Online Summit and the 2nd China Science Popularization Education Development Summit Forum", Through the way of cloud live broadcast, it brought a huge network spirit feast to the partners who love and pay attention to life, nature, ecology, and education.


In three days, the online summit overcame the inconvenience during the COVID-19 outbreak and adopted the global online cloud live broadcast mode throughout the whole process. More than 40 industry experts and practitioners from across the country shared their stories and experiences in the “cloud venue”, which attracted tens of thousands of viewers to participate in and witness the online event. During the forum, CBCGDF Ecological Community Development Fund also took the lead in releasing the 0.1 version of China’s natural education map and the 0.1 version of China’s ecological community map in China, with 18 seed agencies in China.


“At present, these two maps are released in the form of version 0.1, but they are both bases and institutions with very strong vitality. I believe that with the joint efforts of all people, they will grow rapidly and iteratively in the future.” According to Wu Daoyuan, head of the CBCGDF Ecological Community Development Fund, 36 Chinese natural education institutions, and ecological community demonstration bases have been settled in Beijing, Yunnan, Hunan Changsha, Sichuan Chengdu, Hubei suixian, Guangdong Guangzhou and other places. They are Chengdu Huadao ecological community, Beijing donkey nature school, Yunnan Lijiang green home, Moganshan Youdiancao Natural Education Center, Beijing Fangshan Pumi Forest, Hunan Changsha Ciaowanguo, Yunnan Lijiang Yinxin Stone House, etc.


In order to encourage these seed institutions to develop and innovate in the field of nature education and ecological community in China, the eco-community development fund decided to show or award more than 30 excellent volunteers, 36 excellent natural education institutions, and ecological communities emerging during the summit forum recently. It is hoped that under their guidance and drive, we can promote a new round of vigorous development of domestic natural education and ecological community construction and implement ecological civilization to every community unit and everyone.


At the same time, Wu Daoyuan, head of the CBCGDF Eco-community Development Fund, is also working with the Secretary-General of CBCDF Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Deputy Secretary-General Xiao Qing, and others on the next four directions of the special fund, namely the college of ecology, the eco-based, the eco-community and the digital ecology, and fully support more domestic counterparts to work together in the "design into the countryside", natural education and research, the construction of the ecological college, as well as to solicit outstanding cases of national ecological communities, how to carry out the work of many ecological projects, such as “retaining old seed program”, which aims at protecting agricultural genetic diversity, is discussed in depth.



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