To KFC (Yum! Brands, Inc.), Which Consumes 2 Billion Paper Cups Per Year: Please Respect the Right of Consumers to Choose Green!
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Recently, a China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) investigation found that consumers were refused to use their own cups when purchasing coffee at a KFC Beijing store owned by your group. At the same time, they were informed that your group has a rule that disposable paper cups must be used. Consumers are not allowed to use their own cups.


The Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China clearly stipulates that the state advocates civilized, healthy, resource-saving and environmentally friendly consumption methods, and opposes waste. Protecting consumers' legitimate rights and interests is the common responsibility of the whole society. The State encourages and supports all organizations and individuals to conduct social supervision of acts that harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


With the development of ecological civilization, more and more citizens have a sense of green consumption, but have not been given the right to choose green consumption by businesses. In this regard, we strongly protest and sincerely invite your group to take action to protect consumers' right to sustainable lifestyles, allow and encourage consumers to bring their own cups and reduce the use of disposable paper cups.


Public information shows that as of December 31, 2018, the number of KFC stores in China was 5,910. According to a preliminary estimate, if each store consumes more than 1,000 disposable cups per day, the average number of paper cups consumed by your group will reach 6 million per day. Based on this, it is estimated that the number of the paper disposable cups used or consumed by KFC within one year is estimated to be as high as 2 billion.


Behind all disposables is the price of a huge ecological environment. The production of disposable paper cups, from the felling of trees, processing of raw materials, to pulp production, cutting, sticking, transportation, sales, use, recycling, and finally being treated as garbage, every step of the whole cycle of system operation means the consumption of resources, environment and energy. In addition, the waterproof function of the inner layer of paper cups is usually made of plastic film. Today, "plastic pollution" has become a global environmental challenge. The use of a large number of disposable paper cups has overwhelmed the disposal of garbage and the environment.


As a well-known enterprise, your group should respect consumers' right to green choices in policy, and should not reject such rights of consumers, while passing on the environmental cost to consumers.


To this end, we invite your group to:


(1) Take effective measures to effectively reduce the use of disposable paper cups;


(2) Respect consumers' green choices, don't refuse, and even encourage consumers to bring their own cups.


Institutions that jointly issued this letter:


“Reducing Plastics, Picking-up Plastics” Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)


The Qingpu Charity Center of Zhenhai District of Ningbo City


Chongqing Green Volunteers Union


Bizu Environment Science Studio


Beijing Institute of Multiple Intelligent Environments


Shanghai Pudong Yixing Biodiversity Research Center


Ailu Environmental Protection Center of Xiacheng District of Hangzhou


Jinzhou Ladder Happy Children's English Training Center


Beijing Grassland Alliance Environmental Protection Promotion Center


Cycling Association of Bohai University


Hainan Environmental Education Association


BlueRibbon Ocean Conservation Association

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