Zhou Jinfeng: The Ecological Civilization Demands to Stop the Holiday Economy Promoted by Paid Leave
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Abstract: it is undeniable that holiday economy plays a role in promoting China's economic growth. However, in the age of ecological civilization, traditional holiday economy is driven by the national nature of concentrated holidays, which can no longer effectively meet the requirements of the new era. The public can choose the mode of vacation adjustment independently, which will help alleviate a series of problems caused by the outbreak of concentrated quantity, such as the decline of tourism quality and the alienation of consumption, so as to protect the ecological environment and achieve the coordinated, unified and sustainable development of holiday economy.


Since the traditional holidays such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Ching Ming Festival have been incorporated into the statutory holidays, this vacation model, which combines paid leave and statutory holidays, has greatly extended the length of vacation, while consumption is the main driving force, which has driven the economic development, but the resulting problems, especially the ecological environment, are becoming more and more obvious.


Holiday travel is a wonderful thing, but now, a series of problems arising from concentrated vacations, such as queuing, traffic congestion, declining quality of service, littering of large amounts of garbage, price hikes, security risks, etc., make holidays are no longer a pleasure - a nationwide concentration of holidays that leads to a high concentration of people in a specific time and space. This is an imbalance that is beyond the natural environment. The load carried also makes people feel the inconvenience.


The natural environment has its specific tolerance and boundaries. Respecting this characteristic of nature is the prerequisite for harmony between man and nature. The construction of ecological civilization involves all areas of social life, including ecotourism. Ecotourism requires ecological priority. While ensuring that people can get leisure, they must also effectively protect the natural ecological environment, which also helps to improve people's living standards sustainably.


At the moment, the highly concentrated vacation and the holiday consumption that is detonated do not really realized the carrying capacity of the natural ecological environment and the leisure demand that people expect, in the first place, but mobilize people’s spending power through holidays, thereby promoting economic development , as a purpose – this is still the development model of the industrial civilization era, which is an operation that sacrifices the ecological environment in exchange for economic development, which has violated the ecological civilization construction promoted by China at present.


On the one hand, as a level of promoting economic growth, the holiday economy also needs to adapt to the development of the times and realize the transformation from quantity to quality. The holiday economy formed by concentrated relocations often causes overcrowding in tourist attractions, and this will cause traffic congestion, large emissions of automobile exhausts, etc., which will bring tremendous pressure on the ecological environment. The increase in the number leads to a decline in quality, which corresponds to a significant reduction in the happiness index of the travelers.


On the other hand, highly concentrated holiday trips have led to serious consumption alienation. This kind of centralized and explosive consumption generates a lot of unnecessary consumption behaviors; and this excessive consumption will also generate a lot of garbage. After the holiday, most of the scenic environment was also destroyed by a lot of garbage. Dealing with these wastes also requires a series of ecological costs.


New eras and new civilizations require new vacation patterns, which require a shift in traditional thinking patterns. While everyone has the right to vacation, it is also necessary to adopt a more appropriate approach to the public's needs, so that the public can choose the time of paid leave. Although the decentralized paid leave method may cause a decline in holiday economic growth for a period of time, it is necessary for the realization of quality improvement and sustainable development, and eco-tourism that achieves harmony between man and nature.


Moreover, from the perspective of public demand, as people's living standards continue to improve, the demand for quality of vacation is also increasing. People also pursue a more healthy, orderly, relaxed, safer, more environmentally friendly and sustainable vacation. Only in this way can it be that holiday travel truly realizes the enjoyment and relaxation of mind and body.

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