“Big Mouth, Small Mouth, Everyone should Eat Well” | The Entertaining “Good Food Education Lecture” Held in Beijing Century-old School
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On October 23rd, the “Good Food Education Lecture” sponsored by the Good Food Fund of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was held in Beijing Dongcheng District’s six-hundred-year old school —— Fuxue Primary School. Jian Yi, the founder of the Good Food Fund of the CBCGDF, teacher Shan Yu, the representative of “Delicious” Natural Food Education Camp, as well as the teachers from Fuxue Primary School including Yao Feng, Jia Hongyan, Su Lei, Liu Yi participated this activity. Through a series of interactive games and keynote speeches, the teachers and CBCGDF staff led the students in grade five and grade six to complete this special and entertaining lecture activity.


The activity started with a sensory game called "The Taste Test". The staff of the CBCGDF first inserted toothpicks into five prepared natural food including small tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, chestnuts, and oranges, guided the students to put on eye masks, taste each food to open the taste respectively, and then wrote down three keywords of the specific food. This preheating game successfully arouses the enthusiasm and curiosity of the students. As the visual sense was blocked by the blindfold, this game becomes full of interest by simply tasting the food that may not be particularly concerned about in normal times. With the guidance of teacher Shan Yu, the students have a deeper impression and understanding of these natural foods and also look forward to the theme of the following lecture.


Then, Jian Yi gave the students a keynote speech about “Big Mouth, Small Mouth, everyone should Eat Well". He mainly introduced how the diet of people effects ecology and environment, climate, and through "it takes nearly half a month of bathwater to produce one hamburger patty", "why there have been so many cases of veterinary antibiotics found in children's body in recent years", "if all the world's cattle become a country, it would be the world's third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind only China and the United States" and other vivid examples, guided students to pay more attention to the eating habits that are good for their own health and also good for the planet. During the lecture, there was a lot of Q&A sessions with the students. To the surprise of the Jian Yi and the author, many of the students were knowledgeable about food, animals, the environment and ecological conservation. It is hoped that under the guidance of this theme lecture, more students will be inspired by their potential and curiosity, and they will be able to realize that the small matter of people's daily diet is also related to the health of the earth.


The last part of this activity is the animal welfare game called "From the Old-growth Forest to Chicken Run Fast!": dividing the open space in the school into several areas, then students first act like an animal or plant in the old-growth forest, they can walk freely and simulate the corresponding sound so that students can experience the feeling of freedom in the old-growth forest environment. Then, under the guidance of teacher Shan Yu, students needed to imagine that the old-growth forest has been cut down and replaced by the cage-free chicken farm which is slightly smaller than the forest; in this session, students acted as eggs, chickens, and hens/cocks respectively through the way of "Rock Paper Scissors" to simulate and experience how the chickens in the cage-free chicken farm reproduce their eggs and grow them into adult chickens for human consumption. Finally, due to the need to reduce the cost and increase the output of the cage-free chicken farm, the farm is banned as a small but large-scale captive chicken farm; in this session, all the students had to only concentrate on a small area due to the continuous reduction of the site, and could no longer walk freely as in the old-growth forest, so that the students can experience the feelings of the chickens in the captive environment vividly. In this game, students get a high degree of participation and entertainment. In particular, it can make students who are building up various ideas feel a more intuitive sense of the Good Food definition, Good Food Initiative and Good Food spirit.


Protecting the planet we live on requires not only the "big" efforts of governments, economic alliances, and world organizations but also the "small" contributions of every ordinary human being. In the same way, adults need to gradually change their habits that are not good for the ecological environment. Teenagers also need to start from small details, starting with their eating habits, eat well, make themselves healthy, and make the earth healthier. Thanks to all the teachers and students of Fuxue Primary School for their great support for the “Big Mouth, Small Mouth, everyone should Eat Well" Good Food education lecture organized by CBCGDF. CBCGDF will hold more similar campus science education lecture activities in the future, encouraging more teenagers to pay more attention to food health, ecological health, and earth health.






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