CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Giant Pandas at Conglingang Formally Established in Hongya, Sichuan Province
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Sporadic giant pandas especially refer to wild pandas that have not yet been included in the national giant panda protected areas. According to the statistics of the National Forestry Administration and the Fourth Sichuan Giant Panda Survey Report, as of the end of 2013, there were 619 sporadic giant pandas in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, of which eight lived in within the Wawushan national protected area in Sichuan Province, there were five distributed in the social welfare style nature protected area for sporadic pandas and surrounding areas in Conglingang.


The director of this China Conservation Area for Giant Pandas at Conglingang (CCAfa) is Mr. Li Yongzheng, who is a retired army major and the founder of the Conglingang social welfare style protected area. In 2009, Director Li launched the Greenstone Creek (Lvshixi) ecological conservation project to participate in the ecological and environmental protection and community development of Panda Village. In May 2017, Director Li and Zhao Songsheng (who launched the “Guardian Panda Village” plan in 2010) jointly organized the Conglingang giant panda social welfare style protected area to further explore the protection of sporadic giant pandas, and the pattern of the “Guardian Panda Village” plan.


In recent years, people who are committed to biodiversity conservation with Li Yongzheng and Zhao Songsheng as the backbone of the project in Conglingang, combined with local realities, focus on forest patrol, bamboo forest conservation, precision poverty alleviation, academic research, protecting publicity, nature education and other work content, with the support of government departments, non-profit organizations, and caring enterprises, the biodiversity conservation work of sporadic pandas and their habitats have achieved remarkable results.


In 2019, the Li Yongzheng Team will focus on ecological, economic, social, cultural and other objectives in three aspects: organizational construction, scientific protection, and community development. By combining external resource support with internal construction, the Li Yongzheng Team will build a guardianship for the community of the Panda Village protection; further improve the community's people's livelihood and the ecology of the forest area, reduce the villagers' dependence on the ecological resources of the forest area, and strive to strengthen the biodiversity protection of the forest area.


To this end, CBCGDF officially established the “China Conservation Area for Giant Pandas at Conglingang” (CCAfa) and it is planned to be built into a social welfare nature protected site with the protection of giant pandas, ecological tourism and ecological agriculture. It serves as a model for the protection of more than 600 sporadic giant pandas in China. In the context of rural revitalization, through the construction of this CCAfa, in order to solve the contradiction between ecological protection and sustainable development of communities in counties, towns, and villages where Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu giant pandas live in concentrated, provide solutions with the reference value. This program helps the construction of beautiful China.


The map of the Sichuan giant panda’s distribution shown by the Sichuan Province's Fourth Giant Panda Survey Report (Photo source: Internet)


The 30 square kilometers range of the “China Conservation Area for Giant Pandas at Conglingang" in the blue wireframe (Photo credit: Li Yongzheng)

(Photo credit: Li Yongzheng)


Organize villagers to carry out the conservation of bamboo forests in sporadic panda habitats (Photo credit: Li Yongzheng)


(Photo credit: Li Yongzheng)


Captured the shadow of sporadic pandas for the first time in the protected area (Photo credit: Li Yongzheng)

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