CBCGDF Supports “China Conservation Area for Siberian Crane at Baiyangdian”
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The Siberian crane, also known as the Siberian white crane or the snow crane, is a bird of the family Gruidae, the cranes. The eastern populations migrate during winter to China while the western population winters in Iran and formerly, in India and Nepal. Among the cranes, they make the longest distance migrations. The status of this crane is critical and the world population is estimated to be around 3200–4000, nearly all of them belonging to the eastern breeding population. The Siberian crane was listed as critically endangered species in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


Baiyangdian, as a National 5A Tourist Scenic Area in China, covers the largest wetland in North China. It exerts an immense influence on regional climate change and conserve biodiversity, for which it is considered as the “Kidney of North China”. For Baiyangdian is abundant in fishery resources, it is home to various  migratory birds. There are 197 kinds of birds, including such highly national protected birds as the Great Bustard, Grus japonensis and Oriental Stork.


On March 2017, the local volunteers in Baiyangdian photographed a Siberian crane, which is rare to be seen in Baiyangdian. CBCGDF acted promptly by deploying experts to confirm and research and supporting local volunteers in patrolling for migrated birds and wetlands. Gradually, the China Conservation Area for Siberian crane at Baiyangdian was established. The China Conservation Area for Siberian crane at Baiyangdian not only gathers volunteers to patrol wetland, rescue injured birds, remove bird nets, and call for no electro fishing gears, but also engages teenagers to plant trees, and teach birding knowledge and so forth.


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(Photo: CBCGDF's volunteers)

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