Volunteers of CBCGDF CCAfa Joins to Clean Up the World
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September 16 was set as the International Coastal Cleanup(ICC) Day and Clean Up the World Day. This year, CBCGDF rallied communities of China Conservation Area (CCAfa) together with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering their conservation areas.



On China Conservation Area for Spotted seal at Panjin, over 300 volunteers joined together to clean up the northeast coastal area-Liaohekou protected area. Volunteers have walked for over 5000meters to clean up two tons of plastic debris, which has lasted over 3 hours.


panjin 1.jpg

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On China Conservation Area for Bittern at Luoshan, nearly 200 volunteers collected 40 bags of rubbish(about 200 kilograms ), which would be classified by the public janitors afterwards.


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On China Conservation Area for Ciconia nigra at Pingshan, volunteers were led by the director of the CCAfa to patrol clean up the along the wetland. The Common Cuckoo saved by removing the bird net was also released to the nature on that day.


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On China Conservation Area for Scaly-sided Merganser a Changde, nearly 100 volunteers jointly collected over 50 kilos of



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On China Conservation Area for Grus leucogeranus at Baiyangdian, volunteer children have also joined the action in the local park.


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(Photo: CBCGDF)

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