International Great Bustard Experts Thanked CBCGDF’s China Conservation Areas for Great Bustard’s Front-line Volunteers’ Protection Efforts
2018/2/27 14:29:00 本站

Recently, CBCGDF secretariat received letters from Nigel Collar, head of the IUCN’s great bustard expert group, and Mimi Kessler, the founder of the Eurasian Bustard Alliance, expressed their heartfelt respect and thanks for collecting poison baits in the field for the protection of great bustard by China Conservation Area for Great Bustard’s directors and CBCGDF’s volunteers.

The two experts praised the Chinese folk protectors for their relentless efforts to protect endangered species such as great bustards. They said it was very difficult and time-consuming task to collect poison baits. They hope CBCGDF secretariat would express their gratitude and respect on their behalf and warmly celebrate the establishment of “China Conservation Area for great bustard-Jinzhou”.

Earlier, the CBCGDF secretariat briefed the IUCN expert group and the great bustard-related protection organizations on the efforts of Chinese folk. With the CBCGDF’s China Conservation Areas for Great Bustard’s directors and volunteers as outstanding representatives of China’s civil protection forces, to protect the endangered species, including great bustards, and local biodiversity in the perennial relentless efforts. To protect the safety of great bustards, “China Conservation Area for Great Bustard-Changyuan”, “China Conservation Area for Great Bustard-Jinzhou” and other fields of volunteers are not afraid of hardship, for patrolling and anti-poaching activities to collect poison baits, to distribute promotional materials and to popularize wildlife protection law, etc., effectively protect the safety of the migratory birds.


Four counties linkage to carry out great bustard anti-poaching action. The China Conservation Area for Great Bustard – Changyuan volunteers patrolled for great bustard protection. (photo: Song Keming)

An unusually dead great bustard found in 2014 by volunteers (photo: Song Keming)


China Conservation Area for Great Bustard – Tu Muji (photo: Yu Changjiang)


China Conservation Area for Great Bustard – Hulunbeier (photo: Shuanglong)


January 2018, volunteers from China Conservation Area for Great Bustard-Jinzhou found a poisoned and abnormal great bustard, died after invalid rescue. (photo courtesy: volunteers)  

by/Niu Jingmei, Shuya