Ice Hole Digging, Fishing Net Setting…The Situation of Hulan River Section in Suihua During the Frozen Period is Worrying. CBCGDF Volunteers Hope that Relevant Departments Will Crack Down on Illegal Fishing
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In December 2022, Heilongjiang Province has entered the cold winter season. Located in the Hulan River basin of Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province has been covered with snow for a long time. All Rivers are frozen on the surface, and the annual winter natural waters are frozen.


In the first half of December, volunteers from  and Songhada  Conservation Area of Wetlands in Suihua and Songhada of CBCGDF, formed a patrol team and went to the Hulan River section of Wangkui, Lanxi, Beilin, Qing'an and other districts and counties in Suihua City to conduct patrol and secret visits on illegal fishing operations in winter. Details are as follows:


On December 8, the volunteer patrol team assisted the fishery law enforcement brigade in patrolling and inspecting the Hulan River in Wangkui to crack down on illegal fishing in winter. More than 10 illegal fishermen were captured and educated by law popularization on the spot, a large number of fishes caught alive were rescued, and several illegal fishing nets and ice rods were confiscated and destroyed.


On December 9, volunteers found a large number of ice holes and fishing nets on the ice surface of the Hulan River in Lanxi. Within 300 meters, there are more than 10 ice holes. Volunteers went through hardships and did their best to remove illegal fishing equipment such as ground cages and river blocking nets that could be seen at ice holes, and released the captured fish back to the river.

From December 10 to 11, in the Hulan River section of the Beilin District, volunteers found ice holes all over the ice, and fishing nets laid from the ice holes were almost one by one, basically intercepting the fish that migrate in winter in this section of the river, which was difficult to escape, seriously damaging the local fishery resources.


On December 13, the patrol team found more than 10 ice holes in the western section of Hulan River Bridge on the No 333 National Road in Qingan County. The volunteers walked through the thick snow on the ice and braved the biting wind to pull out eight nets more than 100 meters long from the ice eye to save a large number of live fishes. The volunteer recalled: Last winter, we assisted Qingan County Agricultural Law Enforcement Brigade to clean up the illegal fishing activities in winter. However, due to the situation this winter, the illegal fishing activities haven’t been mitigated, but intensified.


Through nearly a week of unannounced visits and patrols, illegal fishing activities in Hulan River reach of relevant districts and counties in Suihua City are still serious in the winter ice cover period, and the rectification effect is not ideal. Especially in districts and counties such as Qing'an, where ice holes are densely distributed, using a hundred meter long hanging net, there is a horizontal river channel a few meters away, which almost eats all the migratory fish. This behavior of recklessly destruction of fishery resources during the winter ice freeze is outrageous.


It is understood that in order to further strengthen the law enforcement and safety management of the winter fishing waters in the mainstream and tributary waters of Nenjiang River, the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Nenjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, issued a notice that Nenjiang City will prohibit fishing activities in natural waters during the icebound period in 2022.


CBCGDF volunteers hope that the relevant departments of Suihua could attach great importance to illegal fishing activities in Hulan River basin during winter ice period, especially individuals making ice holes to net fishing operations, strictly prevent personnel from entering the ice surface to cut ice and net fishing operations, introduce relevant policies and measures to prohibit fishing operations in natural waters during ice period, and strengthen law enforcement on Hulan River Basin and other natural waters in Suihua City. To  inspect from time to time, the relevant departments should crack down on illegal fishing activities, and ensure sustainable development of fishery resources in Suihua City.



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