Perseverant Watchers at Dawn, Fishpond Areas are still Major Ones for Guarding Oriental White Storks
2021/11/18 16:04:00 本站

At 5:00AM in the morning on November 11th, even against the coldness, volunteers of CBCGDF in Tianjin resolutely drove to Gangcheng Avenue in Tianjin City and began their daily task.

Due the dramatic temperature decrease in Northeast of China, these storks had no choice but to migrate south. On November 9th, about five hundred Oriental White Storks flied over Leting County in Hebei Province, which attracted many passersby.

There are many fish ponds in Leting Town, producing fish successively. After being sifted, the fish left by pond owners would be the best choice to replenish energy for these long-billed birds. However, most times, they have to fight a battle with wits and courage with owners for getting more fish under the surveillance. To expel these birds, pond owners resort to fireworks, which can cause huge noise and threaten birds. Unfortunately, storks will flexibly choose other local areas that are not influenced by the powder.    

Our volunteers have noticed that the billboard erected in the Tianjin Palaeocoast & Wetland, a national-level conservation, said that deforestation, pasturing, hunting, fishing, gathering herbs, mining, quarrying, dredging are prohibited except for those endorsed by laws and administration; activities not related to any protection work inside the conservation will also be forbidden; no production facilities are guaranteed in core area and buffer zone in the conservation…So, can fish ponds rented out by providers be regarded as an illegal facility mentioned above?



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