Faithful salutation! A troubled director of CCAfa on duty helped by the local police Community Conservation Area
2021/11/10 15:14:00 本站

The editor’s note:

In 2016, to protect the endangered Przewakski's gazelle, CBCGDF founded a Community Conservation Area for Przewakski's gazelle, mainly focusing on the gazelle living round Qinghai Lake. Due to the great effect of human activities, the only place available for these animals to live is the area surrounding Qinghai Lake. When producing programs with employees from Qinghai Satellite TV, Ge Yuxiu, the director of CBCGDF’s Community Conservation Area for Przewakski’s gazelle, got stuck into the mire. After receive this information, the local police quickly came to the scene and rescued the whole team.


Due to thawed rain water, the road became even more muddy on the day when our director was on mission. However, when the police had come, they used shovel to clean the mud and filled the subsidence with dry sand. Later, they pulled the elephantine car out of the mire with a tractor. After so many endeavors to be devoted, they finally made it.

Having been rescued by the people’s police, Ge Yuxiu said, “this trip deeply impresses me not only by a real conservation construction for gazelle, but also by warmhearted officers who care about the masses all the time.”


Wu Tiangui, the superintendent of Haergai Police Station, said that,” we merely did what we must do. We will show up anywhere civilians need us. And we shall become even more diligent to secure civilians will lead a better life. ”


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Translator/ Gihon Kim