CBCGDF Planning to Establish a Lotus Field Conservation Area
2021/5/27 11:15:00 本站

Here are two questions. First, do conservation areas have to be set up in remote areas or areas with very few people for biodiversity protection? Second, how to carry out biodiversity protection in human activities to achieve sustainable development and natural protection?


There is an important piece of content from HbS. The biodiversity protection lotus field serves as an excellent example of adaption and a significant subject to practice in biodiversity protection.


Traditionally, biodiversity protection activities are mainly carried out in deep mountains, natural lands and natural reserves. However, with the expansion of human activities, biodiversity protection projects in densely populated areas emerge with great significance. Efforts made by Mr. Li to protect the lotus field provide a creative and leading example of the kind.


Protection of agricultural biodiversity focuses more on agricultural germplasm resources in a traditional way. Nowadays, we have expanded our scope to include natural biodiversity protection like what Mr. Li did, which is quite promising.


Such efforts made in natural biodiversity protection will greatly impact agriculture, nature, and human habitats. 


It differs from protecting agricultural biodiversity and biological control by biologically protecting farmland and agricultural production. What Mr. Li has done today will usher in a new direction for agricultural biodiversity protection and natural biodiversity conservation.

Written by Zhou Jinfeng

Edited by Linda

Translated by Lee

Photographed by Li Zhenwen