CBCGDF CCAfa at Conglingang: Jin Zihan Fans Donated Love to Protect Giant Pandas Together
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China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) established Community Conservation Area for Giant Panda at Conglingang (CCAfa) in December 2018, aiming to build it into a public welfare nature protected area focusing on the conservation of giant pandas and supplemented by ecological tourism and ecological agriculture. It has played a leading role in the protection of more than 600 sporadic giant pandas across the country. Conglingang is located at the northern end of the Daxiangling Mountains, adjacent to Wawu Mountain in the west and Mount Emei in the east, covering an area of about 50,000 mu. Specifically, it is located in the south of Conglin Village, Gaomiao Town, Hongya County, Sichuan Province.


According to China's fourth giant panda survey, there are small populations of wild giant pandas living in and around Conglingang.


In Daxiangling Mountains, due to different altitudes, there are 18 species of bamboos including bitter bamboo and phyllostachys pubescens. The bamboo species of Jin Zihan’s Bamboo Grove is the only edible species of local wild pandas, Bashania fangiana. The bamboo grove has a planned area of 5 mu and is located directly north of the CCAfa site. After the establishment of the grove, the management team will focus on management and regular inspections and tending to ensure long-term effective protection of the bamboo forest.


The bamboo grove operation was led by Li Yongzheng, the director of the CCAfa, and led volunteers to go up the mountain for site selection, planning and determining the area of the bamboo grove, and a sign was set up on the spot. Director Li said that the day when the sign was set up, it was a cold wave sweeping across the country. There was still snow in the mountains, and the journey up the mountain was very difficult.


However, the cold weather did not stop the volunteers from confirming the site of the bamboo grove. The cold is the weather and the warm is the hearts of the people. Kudos to director Li Yongzheng and the volunteers!







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