Government-Civilian Joint Action: CBCGDF CCA for Merganser at Changde Assisted in Handling an Illegal Commercial Butterfly Exhibition
2020/9/21 15:06:00 本站

On September 19th, the government function department of Changde City, Hunan Province and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Community Conservation Area for Merganser at Changde (CCAfa) team of wildlife protection volunteers joined forces to quickly and effectively deal with an illegal commercial butterfly exhibition incident.


According to the investigation data, in recent years, many regions have rushed to launch butterfly commercial exhibitions. Generally, commercial companies fly butterflies in scenic spots. The slogans they promote are generally "close to nature", "science popularization" and "romantic", and the market has a high degree of commercial operation. However, non-compliant business shows often cause many problems. For example, during the exhibition, it is unreasonable, causing non-local butterflies to run out, causing butterflies from different places to invade the local area and disturb the habitat and breeding of local butterflies. Not only did it fail to achieve the effect of popularizing science, but it also caused the consequences of destroying the ecological environment.


The CBCGDF CCAfa director Nie and volunteer Liu immediately reported to the relevant person in charge of the Changde Forestry Bureau and the person in charge of forestry work in the Liuye Lake Management District as soon as they discovered the butterfly exhibition, and actively carried out on-site evidence collection.


It is reported that this illegal butterfly commercial exhibition is a large number of butterflies brought by a real estate company in Changde City from the other place, and it has not registered with the relevant authorities.


The leaders of the municipal and district-level forestry departments who received the report from the volunteers attached great importance and actively responded, and rushed to the scene to investigate and appraise, obtain evidence, and stop the real estate company's farce on the spot.


On the morning of the 20th, the CBCGDF volunteers went to the scene again and found that all the farce arrangements had been cleaned up, and many dead butterflies could be found around.


The vigorous work style of the relevant departments of Changde City in protecting wildlife has been unanimously recognized by volunteers. The volunteers said that they will continue to cooperate with relevant departments in the conservation work. CBCGDF volunteers are either in the action of protecting wildlife or on their way to action.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF CCAfa volunteers)

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