CBCGDF Songhada Wetland Volunteers’ Autumn Bird Protection Operation Kicked Off
2020/8/14 17:20:00 本站

On August 11, a joint inspection team composed of volunteers from the Heilongjiang Provincial Falcon Brigade, Heilongjiang Wildlife Brigade, and Harbin Public Security Bureau’s Food, Drug, and Environmental Detachment, complied with the deployment and requirements of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and other environmental protection organizations, under the guidance of Harbin Public Security Bureau’s Food, Drug, and Environmental Detachment, went deep into Chengdaozi Town, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, carried out a joint inspection operation for autumn bird protection along the water system of the Ash River. This opened the curtain of the special operation for bird protection in autumn in the Songha wetland.


Chenggaozi Town is located in the upper part of the junction of Harbin City and Acheng District. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ash River. Its terrain of "two slopes and one valley" running through the east and west is an ideal path for migrating birds.


According to local villagers, in spring and autumn, when birds are migrating, there are always a large number of illegal bird catchers who start to set up nets by the river to catch birds before dawn, which disgusts local villagers. This joint inspection by volunteers also confirmed the villagers' claims.


When the volunteers of the joint inspection visited the flower and bird market in Chenggaozi Town, some people reported that there was a "senior" birdcatcher in the town who often sold birds in the market. Volunteers and media reporters found this birdcatcher. Unexpected scenes emerged: in a small house of seven or eight square meters, there were more than 30 wild cardinals flying around, and some cages also housed wild birds such as Coccothraustes, Sue finches, Tyana chloroleuca Walker, etc. A total of more than 40 wild birds were found, 50 bird cages, and four gluing nets for bird catching, one of which was still framed in the millet in the yard.


The joint inspection team immediately reported to the local agricultural and rural law enforcement brigade. The law enforcement brigade saw more than 30 live birds and was suspected of committing a crime. It immediately contacted the police and the local police station sent out police to investigate and deal with it.


In the joint inspection operation that day, a total of 12 people and 3 vehicles were dispatched, with a cumulative travel distance of more than 400 kilometers. A total of 3 dens suspected of illegal capture, sale and captivity of wild birds were discovered, and 60 wild birds were found. Twenty were released to nature and 40 were involved in investigation. At the same time, the volunteers of the joint inspection reported 1 clue to the administrative law enforcement brigade of the local Agricultural and Rural Bureau and the police station; 2 people were criticized and educated, and 1 was handed over to the public security organs for investigation and punishment; and a law education was carried out to the surrounding people, issued 30 leaflets and 20 people received education.


Autumn is coming soon, and the migratory birds are about to embark on a journey to the south. Many people who catch birds and poisonous birds are still there with luck, with the intention of poaching migratory birds. The Songhada wetland's autumn bird protection action will surely face a severe situation. Joint inspections by CBCGDF volunteers and Longjiang volunteers will also continue.


Volunteers hope that governments at all levels attach great importance to biosafety, fully realize the relationship between protecting wildlife safety and protecting the ecological environment, and the health and safety of the people, and take active actions to jointly enforce the law to crack down on illegal crimes that destroy wildlife resources in accordance with the law to ensure the safe migration of birds. At the same time, those who illegally catch birds also need to be warned that the epidemic is not over yet, and if they dare to try the law, they will be severely punished by the law.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)

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