CBCGDF CCAfa Volunteer and Local Villagers Rescued a Lost Tawny Eagle in Liangyungang
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At noon on July 25, 2020, the volunteer from China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Community Conservation Area for Reed Parrotbill at Liangyungang (CCAfa) received a call for help from villager Ye, saying that when he was out with another villager Wu, they found an "eagle" that could not fly need to be rescued. After hearing the news, the volunteer drove to the rescue scene as soon as possible.


After careful identification by the volunteer, it was discovered that the "eagle" rescued by the villagers was actually the Tawny Eagle, a second-level national protected animal. The volunteer checked patiently and found that this Tawny Eagle was not injured but was exhausted and temporarily unable to fly. This was a bit relieved.


Considering that the local area is not the scope of activities of tawny eagles, the volunteer contacted the local forestry protection station in time and learned that this tawny eagle was rescued by the forestry protection station last year, and it has been taken good care in the station, but it’s currently taking the training of rewilding.


According to the staff of the protection station, as Lianyungang is not within the normal survival range of tawny eagles, the protection station has been working hard to train it in rewilding to ensure that this tawny eagle can fly freely and unfettered in the sky. The staff needs to take it to the wetland in the early morning to train it to fly and catch prey and many other abilities, so that it can be rewilded as soon as possible and adapt to the living environment of nature.


The staff is proud to tell the volunteer that this tawny eagle has now mastered the ability to fly and catch prey. The only problem at the moment is that it is not afraid of humans and is particularly bold. During the training process, it has been enthusiastic many times. It has been picked up and returned many times by enthusiasts. This is extremely dangerous for wild animals. Generally wild animals are unwilling to approach humans and will actively avoid humans to survive in order to ensure their own safety to the greatest extent and not be caught by illegal poachers.


CBCGDF thanked Mr. Ye and Mr. Wu. It was the enthusiastic assistance of the two elderly people and their timely contact with the volunteer of CBCGDF CCAfa that enabled the lost tawny eagle to return to the forestry protection station to complete its training. At the same time, CBCGDF is very grateful to the Lianyungang Forestry Protection Station for its efforts in the training of wild animals, and their hard work and dedication to escort the return journey of wild animals.


CBCGDF urges everyone to learn from Mr. Ye and Mr. Wu. If you encounter the above situation, contact the local forestry protection department or CBCGDF's volunteers as soon as possible, and rescue under the guidance of professionals. Do not cause secondary harm to animals.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)

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