CBCGDF Community Conservation Area for Environment at Mishan Carried Out Activities to Clean-up the Mountains | Everyone has a Responsibility to Protect the Environment
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In today's rapid economic development, while being convenient and fast, it is facing pollution of the ecological environment. On April 11, the volunteers of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCDFF) Community Conservation Area for environment at Mishan (CCAfa) and the Eighty-Five-Five Farm Blue Sky Environmental Protection Volunteers Association organized activities of cleaning up the mountains, to do their best to return the farm to a pure land.


In the mountains and forests around Hongxing Reservoir, garbage is everywhere and piles up like mountains. Volunteers sorted the garbage and put it together. Volunteer Li Chengjun said that as a member of the farm, they have a responsibility and an obligation to make the scenery of their hometown better. This activity has yielded a lot ...


The richness is not only the change of the environment, but also the purification of the soul. Environmental protection is neither a show nor an empty talk. When you are in it, you will truly appreciate the importance of protecting the environment. When you step into a beautiful environment, will you be intoxicated by it; whether you still remember your original intention to come here for its beauty, or for its brokenness ...


Volunteers use their actions to interpret the respect for the natural environment and the protection of the ecological environment. Only when the ecological environment is effectively protected and the ecological consciousness is changed, whether it is human beings or the survival of animals and plants, can we truly achieve harmony between man and nature, man and environment.


In life, the types of waste are different. If the waste is not handled properly, the impact will also be different. Under different conditions of humidity, acidity, temperature, etc. in the natural environment, the degree of decomposition of different waste will also change accordingly.


In any case, the time required for the degradation of waste is irreversible. According to statistics, the degradation time of potato chip packaging bags is 33 years; the degradation time of foam paper cups and sneakers is 50 years, and the degradation time of aluminum beverage cans is 100 years. The time and speed of waste degrading by itself is so slow, which means that the garbage you discard today is the "polluted environment" where our children and grandchildren live.


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has always been the builder, protector and defender of the protection of the natural environment. "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" is the general direction; CBCGDF has been working hard to practice, never give up, nor will it give up. CBCGDF and all the volunteers here appeal to everyone: no matter where we are, we must protect the environment at any time and any place to avoid environmental pollution caused by our “inappropriate behavior” to leave a pure land for future generations.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Jin Zhihao