Xu Weiwei - Synchronized Observation of CBCGDF’s CCA: The Population of Spotted Seal in the Northern Bohai Sea Exceeds 2019, Which may be Related to Climate Change
2020/4/11 16:12:00 本站

March 28th is the first day of scientific synchronized observation of the population of the spotted seal. The monitoring distance is more than 300 kilometers. Our volunteer team has not observed the tracks of spotted seals in such a long unit. Today, it is still an important monitoring area - the north of the Bohai Sea, where there are four points. Last year, we monitored at least 120 spotted seals here, but according to local volunteers, this year's population is only about 51, so the population gap is quite large. Our volunteer team immediately decided to set off for another review and monitoring.


The two volunteers in the observation team resolutely gave up the weekend time to accompany their children and made a special trip to the monitoring site together for two days. And our numbers will not disturb the activities of wild animals.


Today, our drivers are Guoguo’s dad and Gong Wei. The driving distance is about 400 kilometers. We passed through Shuiyuan Town, where I rode in November 1999. At that time, the Daliao River was black with white powder and a pungent smell. Now, ecological governance has been carried out here, and most of the dikes are covered with ecological vegetation, rather than the image project of hard covering and landscape belt.


When we reached the observation point, it was already afternoon. Although the sea breeze is very cold now, we still immediately put into the “battle”.


When Gong Wei first monitored the spotted seal at P2, the number was 53. At this time, a fishing boat came, and spotted seals were frightened to slide into the water. So, we drove away from this place, and when the “frightened” spotted seals calmed down, we went back and observed 69 spotted seals.


When we went to the P3 observation point, there were 115 spotted seals! As far as the current phenomena are concerned, the synchronous observation data of the Northern Bohai Sea in 2020 has exceeded 120 in 2019! This may be related to the lack of sea ice this year, the inability of spotted seals to drift south, and effective community management.


Today’s task has been completed smoothly; we are very happy. It seems that the regret that we didn't see the spotted seal yesterday has been filled. Moreover, near the evening, we also saw many sea birds on the beach looking for food. I hope our ecological environment will always be so harmonious that people and wild animals will not disturb each other.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)

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