Love: Chen Hua donated 10,000 yuan to the front-line workers for fighting the epidemic | China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang
2020/2/13 15:17:00 本站

When doctors, police and community workers are fighting the epidemic in the front-line, there is always a group of enthusiastic people who do their best to give front-line workers strong support and assistance in epidemic prevention and control.


On the afternoon of February 5, Chen Hua, the director of China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), on behalf of his team, donated 5000 yuan and some supplies to the front-line workers in Tuangang community, Yanwei community, Xinjian community, Haibin community, and Sanbaigong village. "The front-line workers are very hard, so I used some milk, food and mineral water to support the logistics work," Chen said.


Chen Hua, the director of China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang of CBCGDF, was born in Yanweigang Town, Guanyun County, Lianyungang City. He once served as the representative of the 10th Lianyungang Municipal People's Congress and the 14th Guanyun County People's Congress, and also served as the representative of Yanweigang town for more than 20 years. He loves his hometown very much. In recent years, as an environmental supervisor of Lianyungang City, he has been devoted to environmental protection and the protection of fake killer whales and guan river. He has reported many cases in more than ten years, found hidden sewage pipes and coordinated clean works. He is a guardian of the environment, an active volunteer, and a contributor to the civilized society.


This is not the first time that Chen Hua donated money. He donated money to the school. He hopes that the children can have a good reading environment. After the outbreak of the novel-coronavirus, Chen Hua took the initiative to purchase a large number of supplies and transported it to four communities and one village, which helped the front-line workers fight the epidemic. In Chen Hua's words, "strive to be a positive person for the country and people."


The goods and materials filled the truck, with Chen Hua's enthusiasm, warm the whole winter.

By / Li Xue