Cherish Life and Stay Away From “Game”! How Much Can One Do for Ecology and Environmental Protection | Deeds of an Outstanding Communist in the Fight Against the Epidemic
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"I am a long-term Communist, and it is the party members who should respond to the call of the country, and they must be at the forefront. I am not a medical professional, but I can play a role in my field, and my field is to protect wildlife and advocate more people to cherish life and stay away from game. "Ge Yuxiu said.


Ge Yuxiu, a member of the Communist Party of China, was born in 1953 in Cao County, Shandong Province. Since joining the Communist Party of China in 1973, under the leadership of the party, he has taken hundreds of thousands of pictures of plateau wildlife in his spare time and authored more than 100 articles on plateau ecology and environmental protection. He actively promotes, appeals, and practices ecological environmental protection. He has successively won "Qinghai Lake Bird King", "Qinghai Province Business Card", "Beijing Olympic Games Torchbearer", "Characters Touching Qinghai Province", "Green People of the Year", "Father of Procapra przewalskii", "Most Beautiful Eco-environmental Volunteers" and other awards and honors.


He is the Director of the CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Procapra przewalskii. He is also a photographer who came to the podium and spread the ecological thought of man and nature living in harmony. Since 2002, Ge Yuxiu has brought course software made with his photographic works to schools, enterprises, institutions, and the army to give lectures on environmental protection and public welfare. His footprint spans 26 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shandong, Hunan, and Ningxia, and he has completed more than 560 lectures, which has generated warm response and social benefits. Under his influence, more and more people are joining the team that cares about the environment and loves nature.


The most important reasons for this outbreak of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCP) and SARS outbreak in 2003 were the lack of awareness of wildlife protection, illegal hunting of wild animals, greed for wild animals and game, and abuse using of wild animal products.


In order to make more public aware that "Eating game is a threat to human beings" and to strengthen the patrol of China's only rare species Procapra przewalskii by the Qinghai Lake, Ge Yuxiu and renowned photographer Shi Jing went to Qinghai Lake around 5 am on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, in the severe cold of minus 20 , they inspected the habitat environment of Procapra przewalskii, as well as worshiped and thanked the Holy Lake for its long-term gift to human beings.


"Every time I go to the Holy Lake, I can feel a lot of inspiration." Ge Yuxiu said, "Many people have survived hunting wild animals for food and survived many times in the face of severe disasters. Now human life get better, there is no shortage of food in the face of disasters, but humans have not awed the nature, but eat the game to satisfy the desire of the tongue. This outbreak of 2019-nCoV is a warning and punishment to humans.”


In order to convey his experience and impressions to everyone, the 67-year-old man re-learned how to make Meipian, recorded them word by word, and released a series of exquisite pictures. In just ten hours, the reads of his article broke through 2,000 person-times.


"We are members of the Communist Party. Many comrades have come to the front line to fight the epidemic. We will do our best to defend the rear." Ge Yuxiu said firmly, "The task of propagating the concept of ecological environment protection and advocating and protecting wild animals will be left to us!"


(Photo credit: Ge Yuxiu)

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