5,000 Meters Bird Net was Demolished in the First Time at Baiyangdian | CBCGDF Volunteers Praised Anxin County
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Recently, a 5-kilometer-long bird catching net appeared in Baiyangdian, which attracted great attention of the society. However, according to the feedback of CBCGDF’s first-line volunteers who discovered and reported the bird net incident in Baiyangdian, Anxin county government and relevant departments acted quickly after the bird net incident and quickly promoted the resolution of the incident from various aspects such as solving the case, dismantling the net, popularizing the law, propaganda, and education, and establishing a long-term patrol volunteer team. “I have participated in the whole process from discovery to demolition of Baiyangdian bird net, and the government has done a commendable job”, said the volunteer of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF).


On December 13th, 2019, Zhu Baoguang, director of CBCGDF’s “Community Conservation Area for Great Bustard ? Tianjin”, and several other environmental protection volunteers found a large area of bird catching net with a length of more than 5 kilometers in Baiyangdian, on which there were also dead migratory bird bodies. They immediately reported the situation to CBCGDF and the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Anxin county. After receiving the report information, Anxin county immediately launched the “net removing action”, requiring all township and village leaders under Anxin county to organize their own village office staff to dismantle the bird net and the relevant law enforcement personnel of the market supervision department to investigate the illegal acquisition and sale of wild animals and their products, and severely crack down on the illegal and criminal acts of destroying wild bird resources. As of the time of posting the news article, CBCGDF’s volunteer sent the feedback that relevant departments of Anxin county have arrested two suspects.


At the same time, the leaders of the Anxin county government brought their own teams to the villages and started the “publicity and law popularization” work of bird conservation. All villages and towns hung banners of bird protection and set up volunteer service teams in the way of party members leading the masses to publicize the legal consequences of illegal bird hunting. In order to play the role of volunteer cooperation and supervision, the Organizational Department of Anxin County Committee also launched the establishment of the Baiyangdian Volunteer Federation. In addition, Anxin county and CBCGDF also plan to jointly establish Anxin Bird Loving Association, aiming to guide and regulate the protection, observation, investigation, patrol, science popularization and other activities of wild birds in Anxin County, as well as the bird protection organizations in Anxin county and its surrounding areas, with the concept of “Based on Xiong'an New Area, Respect for Nature, Scientific Bird Watching, Conservation Priority”, and guide the public to actively participate in Baiyangdian wild bird conservation work, maintenance and construction of beautiful Anxin and happy Baiyangdian.


President Xi Jinping once emphasized in the Xiong’an New Area inspection: in order to build Xiong’an New Area, Baiyangdian must be repaired and protected. In the future, the city will be so close to Baiyangdian. Therefore, a protective zone should be reserved. There should be strict management methods, and it is absolutely not allowed to discharge sewage into it, and absolutely not allowed to destroy by a human.


Under the protection of relevant departments, the assistance of social organizations and volunteers, and the protection of the local residents, it is believed that Baiyangdian will be very more beautiful in the future.


(Photo credit: Zhu Baoguang)

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By / Xue Tongtong