Collective Activities of Birds Protection at CCAfa! CBCGDF combating illegal poaching with local departments
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Volunteers from China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)’s China Conservation Area (CCAfa) for false killer whale at Lianyungang city launched activities to protect birds in cooperation with local environment supervisors. Over 2,000 sites with poisoned bird seeds are found at Yanweigang town, Guanyun county. Two sheds for the use of bird catching are demolished after the report. Seven dead birds were found. Volunteers helped local public security organs to confiscate 35 wild ducks which were transferred to Lianyungang municipal wildlife rescue center for rehabilitation later. The public security authority is carrying out an investigation. According to the latest news from volunteers, criminal suspects have been arrested for further investigation.


The campaign of dismantling bird nets is a collective bird protecting activity initiated by CBCGDF volunteers, Zhou Chong (Liangyungang municipal environment supervisor), Chen Haidi, Chen Hua, Quan Xin and Gong Lian (director of China Conservation Area for heron at Xiaodaoshan). Chen Hua, CBCGDF volunteer, and director of the China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang city explained the reason for the activity is that they have found a suspicious captive site for mallard during UAV inspection. Volunteers headed to the suspicious site in the early morning after treading about 15 kilometers. At 16:00, volunteers grabbed some instant noodles to combat hunger and cold, and then rushed to the site. At about 21:00, the voluntary group successfully loaded the vehicle with mallards and headed to the municipal wildlife rescue center.


Chen Hua told CBCGDF, the rescued mallards caught by poachers were plucked their feathers on the wings and captive-bred for profits. A total number of 37 wild ducks have been found in a fishpond, 35 of which were rescued.


The fishpond for raising mallards is located at the wetland in the estuary of the Xinyi River.


Recommended by the China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang city, it was selected in the list of the Top Ten Attention-Worthy Coastal Wetlands in 2019 and it functions as one of the most important ecological protected areas. The recent years have witnessed the promotion of environmental quality under the importance given by relevant departments, and public awareness of environmental protection has been gradually improved. 


Chen Hua says this action is of great significance as it raises the indigenous community's awareness of ecological environmental protection, thus contributing to the coastal wetland restoration and conservation.


Chen also expresses his willingness to continue the efforts at wetland conservation. Thanks to the long-term inspection carried by volunteers and the strict supervision by the relevant department, the ecological environment has been improved a lot. He stressed that the voluntary group will steadily promote its work.


Since its founding, the voluntary group of the China Conservation Area for false killer whale at Lianyungang city conserve the waters via offering suggestions to governmental departments, public reports, and field investigation. In 2020, volunteers will carry out routine inspection and protection actions to assist relevant departments to combat illegal wildlife trade and raise public awareness of wildlife conservation.

(Photo credit: Chen Hua)

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By / Wang Yanqing