CCAfa140 | Together with Yi Music Inheritor A Duo Gulie, Community Conservation Area for Western Black Crested Gibbon • Wuliang Mountain Officially Established
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On December 26th, A Duo Gulie, an ecological singer and Yi music inheritor, and the relevant personnel visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) to discuss the protection of Western Black Crested Gibbon (Nomascus concolor) with CBCGDF and put forward the application for establishing the conservation area for West Black Crested Gibbon at Wuliang Mountain. After discussion by the special committee of CBCGDF, on December 30th, Secretary-General  Dr. Zhou Jinfeng of CBCGDF met with A Duo Gulie again to further communicate and plan on the protection of Western Black Crested Gibbon, the promotion of ecological singing, the promotion of traditional culture and other matters, and on the spot they considered and approved the establishment of CCAfa140: The Community Conservation Area for Western Black Crested Gibbon ? Wuliang Mountain. Zhou Jinfeng mentioned that a publicity model with A Duo Gulie, Western Black Crested Gibbon and Wuliang Mountain as the core and a series of measures such as ecological singing and trademark brand should be established to promote the protection and promotion of traditional culture of Western Black Crested Gibbon in Pu’er City, in the whole country and around the world.


Western Black Crested Gibbon (Latin Name: Nomascus concolor) is a medium-sized gibbon. National protection level in China: Level 1. IUCN endangered level: critically endangered (CR). Distribution in China: Western, southern and central of Yunnan Province. Western Black Crested Gibbon is endemic to northern Indochina and southern China. 4 subspecies have been recorded. Jingdong Yi Autonomous County subspecies are distributed in the Wuliang Mountain Area of Jingdong Yi Autonomous County, Central of Yunnan Province.


Wuliang Mountain, which mentioned in Novelist Jin Yong’s masterpiece “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” (《天龙八部》)” is also known as “The Hometown of Western Black Crested Gibbon in China”. Jin Yong wrote in the first volume of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”: “There is a famous sword martial in Wuliang Mountain is called Wuliang Sword, they live in the Sword Lake Palace of Wuliang Mountain. There is a huge waterfall in the back mountain of the palace, and a big lake is formed under the waterfall. A huge smooth stone called “Jade Wall” beside the lake. When the moon rises, lucky people can see the immortal practicing sword on the “Jade Wall”…… Duan Yu lost his way in Wuliang Mountain and fell into Wuliang Sword Lake, where he met his fairy beauty”.


Wuliang Mountain is a collection of many mysterious mountains, with four national first-class key protected plants: Taxus Yunnanensis, Taxus Sinensis, Bretschneideraceae and Alcimandra cathartic; 7 species including Alsophila Costularis Baker, Brainea insignis, Tetracentron, and Torreya yunnanensis are under the 2nd level national protection; and there are also 19 species under provincial protection plants in Yunnan Province, such as Suberect Spatholobus Stem, Cerasus yunnanensis and Nyssa shweliensis in western Yunnan. Wuliang Mountain also has the rare and endangered animal under the 1st level national protection: the West Black Crested Gibbon. In Dazhai village, Chahe village committee, Jingfu Town, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County, people can hear the voice of West Black Crested Gibbon, and if people are lucky, they can also see the gibbons through the telescope and other equipment.


Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF said, “the establishment of ‘Community Conservation Area for Western Black Crested Gibbon ? Wuliang Mountain’, and the invitation to A Duo Gulie as the ambassador of love for West Black Crested Gibbon protection and promotion is to hope to transmit the voice of nature through her songs, calling for people to re-examine the natural value and the relationship between nature and human beings.” After the establishment of “Community Conservation Area for Western Black Crested Gibbon ? Wuliang Mountain”, under the activities and singing promotion events of A Duo Gulie, more people will be attracted to participate in the protection work.

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